Slimy Sensation

Slimey Sensation 1

All the cool kids are making slime (this according to my kids). Why do the “cool” things have to be disgusting?

So as to avoid social disgrace for my children, I decided we would make slime this summer. When searching my go-to source Pinterest, I found like 10,000 results (this may be an exaggeration) for “make slime.” That’s A LOT of slime.

After a failed attempt at purchasing the right contact solution, I purchased the correct

Slimey Sensation 2

These are the ingredients for the solution that worked.

solution and we were off to the slimy races.

Because I refused to put much more money into slime creation, Dollar Tree was my source for white glue. They have two bottles for $1.00. (I bought 4 bottles.)

For fear of failing again, I memorized the four-ingredient recipe and laid out our slime supplies. It took my kids longer to fight over what color slime each would make than it did to create the concoction.Ā Slimey Sensation 4

Step 1: I let each child pour 1/2 bottle of glue into a bowl. (recipe called for a full bottle)

Step 2: Mix 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda into the glue. (My kids love leveling off the baking soda under the lid of the box.)

Step 3: Add and mix in desired food coloring (If you are me, this is where you add food coloring to your grocery list.)

Step 4: Add a few drops of contact/saline solution and mix into the colored glue.

Repeat Step 4 until slime starts to stick. (It is kind of like watching thick spider webs form on the sides of the bowl.)

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You don’t want to add too much contact/saline solution or your slime is more like slimy putty.

The directions suggested putting contact/saline solution on your hands when you remove slime from the bowl initially. This did seem to help.

Clean up was really easy, as there was only a bowl, spatula, and teaspoon to wash.

My kids played with the slime for almost an hour and (after storing the slime in zip lock Slimey Sensation 3.jpgbags) came back to play with it later that night and the next morning.

The coolest part about making the slime was that my kids made it themselves. They spent a lot of time discovering and analyzing all the abilities and attributes of the slime. They were mad, slimy scientists.Slimey Sensation 8.jpg

For a silly, gooey, and creative time, I highly recommend making slime. The energy that goes into making this goo is a great way to inspire imagination and giggles.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. There is a “NO slime on the carpet” rule.

P.P.S. We had to add a “NO slime in your hair” rule too.








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