If You Don’t Read My Work, It Doesn’t Hurt My Feelings

Unhurt feelings

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Often when I mention my blog, people tune me out. That’s okay. Many times when I invite people to read my blog, they smile and say, “That sounds cool, but I don’t have time to read,” and then they tell me about something else they read on Facebook. It’s okay.

If you don’t read my posts, it doesn’t hurt my feelings.

I write for myself and for those who do need the messages I compose.

I write for the opportunity to share my experiences and the lessons learned in daily events.

I write for other educators and farmers. We have the toughest careers there are. Someone has to get our message out there.

I write for the moms and dads who find joy and frustration in the role of parent and hopefully provide comfort in knowing that we’re not alone in our parenting struggles.

I write for those who suffer from self-doubt, worry, and guilt. We need to let that stuff go and hopefully my posts help others (as well as me) move on from that negativity.

Another blogger recently posted in the Community Pool that he didn’t understand why people weren’t reading his awesome work. I checked out his site. The work was pretty darn good. I commented back that he needed to keep at it. His writing was great; he just needed to have patience. He couldn’t let it hurt his feelings. The time would come when his work would be found and appreciated by the masses. (BTW that blogger had more than double my followers; so I felt silly for writing my comment, but I think he needed a boost.)

If you do read my posts, thank you. I hope you find joy, motivation, or consolation in the messages. Please do share my work, if you know someone who would benefit from my writing. Please do comment or “Like” posts that you relate to or enjoy.

If you are a writer or an artist, don’t let it hurt your feelings when others aren’t immediately turned on to your work. They will come around and it will be that much sweeter when they become fans. Appreciate your talents and celebrate yourself. Keep creating. You will make something that throttles them with your awesomeness. Don’t become bitter. Don’t quit.

At a recent blog talk, one of the attendees asked how I found the courage to put my work “out there” for people to read. I told her that the willingness to share what we create doesn’t just require courage. It requires creativity, confidence, courage, and a healthy dose of crazy.

It doesn’t hurt my feelings when people don’t read my posts. It inspires me to continue writing so that I find the inspiration to write something that will MAKE them read. πŸ™‚

Love your decisionsPut your energy and intent today into creating something you want to share. Don’t do it for recognition or recompense. Do it in hopes that you will make a connection with someone else. Do it for those you love. Do it for yourself.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. The amount of crazy it takes to share our work varies among attempts. πŸ™‚



16 thoughts on “If You Don’t Read My Work, It Doesn’t Hurt My Feelings

  1. I look forward to your posts, Intentergy, and am so glad I found your blog.

    When I first started blogging I linked my blog to my Facebook page. It seemed like almost none of my few Facebook friends ever read my posts, except my sister. Actually, I didn’t know my sister read my posts until one day she told me and commented on a post that meant a lot to her. I’ve since cut the link to Facebook and don’t care.

    I know my hubby reads my posts, and so does his sister in Czech Republic. His sister and I have only had superficial conversations over the years because her English is not so good, and my Czech sucks. But she told my hubby that she reads all of my posts (often with a English to Czech dictionary) and loves getting to know me better that way. I love getting to know myself better through blogging. People on WordPress that follow me see me through my posts. When they say they like them, I feel liked. It is rewarding. It keeps me writing. Those that choose not to read my posts don’t see the deep down me these blog readers do.

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  2. Love this! Because my blog is about God and Godly living, I keep in mind tht if NO ONE reads my blog, as long as GOD sees my work then my mission is still accomplished- He knows the intent of my heart! And I get so blessed and encouraged in the midst of writing messages to encourage others because I actually BELIEVE in wht I write abt! So that is wht keeps me posting!

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  3. I like to read your blogs, Melanie. They are always interesting and always something there I can relate to. Keep it up. You’re doing great.

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