12:34 – Do You Have a Time Like This?

This post may make me sound crazier than usual, but it is something I have contemplated for a while now.

Do you have a time of day where you find yourself looking at the clock at the exact same hour and minute each day?

Well, I do.

That time is 12:34.

When I Googled the quandary of looking at the same time every day, there were lots of hits. Most people, it seems, feel the clock is always on 9:11 or 11:11 when they check it. Some believe this is an ominous sign of things to come or possibly an apocalyptic foreshadowing. I’m not sure I believe that to be the case, but, hey, it’s a free world.


I guess the most interesting thing about my daily time check is that it is 1-2-3-4. Maybe it’s my constant need to find order in the world, or maybe it’s the cosmos calling me to attention at 12:34 each day, or MAYBE that is just the time I get from one job to the other and I happen to check my progress of survival and arrival.

Well, anyway. I’m going to take this timely challenge and turn it into an Intentergy moment.

If you have a time each day that you find yourself facing the clock, let that be your Intentergy check-in. Consider what positive energy you have given or received at that point in the day. Contemplate how you can add some Intentergy to the time remaining in that trip around the sun. If you are feeling particularly swamped at that moment, just give an Intentergy filled self-hug or high five. Positive purpose doesn’t have a schedule, time limit, or expiration, but, if you’ve got the time, make Intentergy happen.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. What is your time?


7 thoughts on “12:34 – Do You Have a Time Like This?

      1. For the 1st year, every day. The last couple of years I always aimed for 2 to 3 times a week, but life has been hectic A LOT and I didn’t always make that goal. I always put my Intentergy into writing when I can though. 😁

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