5 Years of Intentergy #Blogiversary

5 years ago today, I was toying with the idea of starting a blog and accidentally hit the “Publish” button instead of “Preview” and Intentergy came to life.

What a life it has been!

Each post I’ve written or shared has made me proud. Some posts were better than others, but each one was filled with a message of positive purpose. Maybe there were a few snarky posts, and a few sappy posts, and some that were just written because I was dead set on getting something published, but all were posted with energy intended to inspire.

For 2020 I really want to reach out to other bloggers and readers and share what is needed most: joy, inspiration, and ways to give energy positive purpose. I’m working on adding more blog talks to my schedule and am super excited to be planning a March positivity workshop for the teachers at St. Theresa School in Campbell, Mo. Please contact me if I can share Intentergy with your organization, school, or office. I also plan to continue gathering stories and writing additional content for my book and hope there are readers out there who are willing to share their stories of lessons learned while waiting in life.

With each birthday we are invited to make a wish. I am using Intentergy’s birthday wish for you today.

I wish you another year of success, joy, and opportunity. May each day provide chances to show gratitude and generosity. May all those you love appreciate your passion and care for them. May all of your adventures be scary, funny, profound, and memorable. May all your energy have positive purpose.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I know they say wishes won’t come true, if you tell what you wish for, but I have a good feeling about this one.




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