Misunderstanding the Distance – Wise Words Wednesday

Misunderstanding the Distance – Wise Words Wednesday

Misunderstanding the Distance

Misunderstanding creates painful separation. The most painful part of that separation comes from the fact that it could have been prevented if communication had been clear.

Misunderstanding is bred from hastiness or failure to fully witness what is being shared.

Recently, a student submitted the wrong document for his assignment. I entered a zero in the grade book, wrote a comment for him to send the correct assignment to me (so that I could give points for his actual paper), and emailed him a message about the assignment. He did not come to our next class. He did not respond to my email. Two days later he replied to my comment in our online grading program, “What was the problem with my work? I turned it in. What do you want?”

Clearly, he was angry because he did not understand what the problem was. I replied by copying and pasting my original message and a smiley face.

He never replied. At our next class, he was present and said that I had not explained the assignment. I pulled out the sample document I gave the class, showed the page in the text with the sample we shared, and redirected him to the PowerPoint with the notes and assignment that was shown in class. His response, “Oh, I forgot.”

I was hurt that he accused me of not providing enough information to foster understanding. Never would I want to provide a lesson that created misunderstanding. That is the worst distance between student and teacher. Continue reading “Misunderstanding the Distance – Wise Words Wednesday”

Makes Me Scream – Monday Motivation

Makes Me Scream – Monday Motivation

Makes Me Scream

“If I have to hear her ____________, ______________, and ________________ one more time, I’m going to scream.”

A super successful weekend is followed by an exhausted Monday morning. Friday was game night with the kids. Saturday we helped host an amazing benefit for a terrific cause. Sunday we attended church and I had the opportunity to speak to some super smart kids at the local National Honor Society Induction. It was awesome!

What to write about on a rainy, exhausted, Monday morning? My lesson plans for today provided just the prompt to get me going.

On a chapter about writing with appropriate parallelism, Question #8 made me laugh but then made me nervous. What if my students wrote their responses to this sentence about my teaching? What if my husband had to fill out this sentence? Man, that question just made me want to scream.

“If I have to hear her ____________, ______________, and ________________ one more time, I’m going to scream.”

What is it that makes you scream?

My scream would sound something like this:

“If I have to hear her back out of her commitments, show her disregard for others, and refuse to let go of the past one more time, I’m going to scream.”

png 1 I know what you are thinking…”Where is the motivation here, Melanie?”

Well, the motivation comes from this… What if we turned this scream of angst into one of joy?

“If I hear her ____________, ______________, and ________________ one more time, I’m going to scream from excitement!”

If we can shift our tone and keep our goals in line with our intent, positive motivation will call out to us. Heck, that positive motivation might just lead to cheers of joy and accomplishment in our lives.

If I had to identify my motivators for positive proclamations, they would have to include:

“If I hear her admit she is talented and beautiful, share something great she had done, and demonstrate compassion one more time, I’m going to scream from excitement!”

Seriously, I would do a cartwheel!

What makes you scream with enthusiasm?

As you make your way through this Monday, don’t let the angry frustrations set you off or mess with your motivation. Redirect your responses to resound with appreciation, pride, or congratulations. Be the one screaming excitement for those around you. Your cheering will do just that…bring cheer.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I really do want to scream sometimes, but I prefer to wear my positive pants.

P.P.S. Question #9 “The instructor has already explained ______________, __________, and ___________” is one that makes all teachers scream. 🙂

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