Fortune Cookie Surprises

Fortune cookies surprises – Even if you don’t like Chinese food, you probably like to get a fortune cookie.

Fortune cookie 1.JPG

It is exciting to see what secret prediction or advice lies inside that almond-flavored crescent. Today be grateful for surprises in your life. Not all things are expected and that is the coolest part about being us. We may not always know what’s coming but we can always know that there is opportunity in the unexpected.


fortune cookie 2.JPG

I was pleasantly surprised by my fortune as I shot the photos for this post. My fortune seemed to be a perfectly positive message about my decision to blog. 🙂

By: Melanie A. Peters


29 Gifts

29 Gifts by Cami Walker provided me with a new understanding of what it means to have purpose and intent.

29 gifts (2).JPG

Cami Walker’s narrative in 29 Gifts shares her struggles and triumphs in battling multiple sclerosis and her own emotional demons. Cami accepted a prescription to give intentionally and journal her giving for 29 days. Her acceptance and dedication to generosity enhanced her physical and emotional health, while creating new avenues in her family life and career. You HAVE to read it!

I have been rattling ideas around in my head for quite some time about Intentergy, but Cami Walker’s book served as a guiding light to many outlets for my inspiration. Through her journey of self-healing and giving, I was able to redirect my efforts to live a more meaningful life.

29 gifts and me

Today is the 29th day of my first 29 days challenge and I am ecstatic about continuing my intentional giving. I hope that some of my gratitude and generosity is able to be manifested through my Intentergy efforts.

By: Melanie A. Peters


29 Gifts by Cami Walker ISBN 978-0-7382-1430-6


Highlighters can bring attention to the good that you see. 

I use highlighters in my classroom as a tool for students to reveal what they know and when they have made corrections. For example, when we analyze poetry, I have my English students highlight the examples of literary tools, such as alliteration or simile. This exhibits to me that they are able to identify written examples, while showing them just how “bright” they are. With my yearbook staff, highlighters are implemented after someone has corrected an editor’s note on their proof. They may only highlight over the editor’s marks when the issue is resolved. It is a vivid exhibition of improvement and evolution within the spreads. This is how a great book is made. Illuminating where we have made progress.

Today use an imaginary or real highlighter (either way is great). Brighten your energy and the energy of those around you by pointing out something extraordinary that you witness. Make note of a marked improvement in an area that you know someone has been struggling. Revivify your workplace with some fresh cut flowers or a snack. Flash a smile or a warm greeting to everyone you meet.

Highlight something for yourself as well. Feed off of your own intent and you will radiate with renewed energy.

By Melanie A. Peters

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes – I don’t really need to explain why these are awesome. 😉
Sticky notes are magical slips of paper that allow our ideas to stick. (Pun intended.)
Find or make your own post-it note today and give it positive purpose. Make a thank you note or an “I love you” note and adhere where it will be seen by someone you appreciate. Or, even better, write a funny note or happy thought on a sticky note and place it where it will be seen by many people or one random person. Give your purpose for your post positive intent and you will definitely reap the benefits of positive energy today.
By: Melanie A. Peters


Elastic – Its stretchy support makes our lives so comfortable.
Cherish the fact that you are like elastic. You are adaptable in your problem solving and communications. You are supportive (in a non-constricting sort of way) for your friends and family. You are not machine washable, but you do have the ability to snap back into things when challenges knock you out of sorts. Maybe even enjoy some sweatpants today with extra zeal because of the comfort you enjoy and the knowledge that you can be just as flexible.
By Melanie A. Peters

You don’t need a pilot’s license

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” – Michael Altshler

Yes, it is already the last Tuesday in February. You aren’t even sure if all the Christmas giftwrap is completely vacuumed out of the living room carpet, but you are positive that this month is rapidly getting away from you. Well grab the reins and take wing.

Direct your energy today to getting the most out of every encounter and experience. You are your own pilot (no license necessary). If it helps, look back at the photos you have captured since Christmas, celebrate the accomplishments of this newly fledgling year. If those photos don’t exist, take a really gorgeous selfie with your bestie or snap a shot of something glorious you spied today. Own that image and say, “I made that happen” or “Caught it! Love it!” and share it.

Put your positivity pilot into motion. Intend to be great and you will never get off course.

Share your flight of photo fun! Email or comment. Share the celebration of your moments!


By: Melanie A. Peters

Require Sun Screen

Require Sun Screen – I love to joke with my colleagues when they are upset that they are going to want sunscreen for their butt because I am about to shine so much sunshine up their keister that they will need it. Be that kind of sunshine for those around you. I am not saying to blister those you love with your intent, but bring brightness into their lives that is beyond that of what they normally receive.

Warm them with your actions and intentions and you will find yourself basking in positive energy and brilliant purpose.

By: Melanie A. Peters

Students who remind us why we teach

Annie and Caitlin

Caitlin Berhorst and Annie Bock gifted me with a selfie.

Students who remind us why we teach – At a Friday night basketball game, you can run into just about anybody but I usually have the distinct thrill of seeing former students. This Friday night was no different.

As I rounded the corner of the main entrance, I saw the smiling face of one Miss Annie Bock. Annie was part of the first freshman class I taught at Fatima High School and one of the charter members of my Random Acts of Kindness Club (R.A.K.). It was a treat to teach her and to see the great things she made happen at our R.A.K. events. Annie graduated in May, and like all of my former students, I LOVE hearing about their adventures in college and how they are doing in the “real world.” Annie shared the story of how she met a girl, who was a former member of R.A.K. at Linn High School (my former school), and that they became immediate friends. Low and behold Annie’s new friend was one of the sweetest kids I had ever taught, Amanda Wieberg. They became friends because of their participation in R.A.K. and my tutelage.  

Shortly after, Caitlin Berhorst (another former student) joined us at the game and both Annie and Caitlin shared just how wonderfully they were doing. They reminded me how the energy I put into their learning experiences assists in inciting growth and the ability to form caring and supportive relationship. As with each happy visit I have with former students, I delighted in the fact that the fruits of my labor foster foundations for relationship building and the willingness to be open to what adventures may come.

Even if you are not an educator by profession, think about how your efforts result in a wide array of benefits for those you encounter. How does your job enable others to be productive or happier? How does your daily meal with your family make for a healthy break from outside stressors? How does your sense of humor bring brightness to those who are lucky enough to hear your jokes? 

Make your intention today to investigate just how you impact those around you. Use your findings to do even greater things or to begin little habits that could lead to a big difference. Embrace those former students whom you have bolstered with your intent, and celebrate your impact of the world around you. Learn just how important your energy is for the world.

By: Melanie A. Peters

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Saturday Morning Cartoons – Every Saturday morning my sisters and I lived by the schedule of animated and syndicated shows. We did not have cable or satellite. We did not have a home computer or a cell phone but we connected over those weekend programs. It was during the week that we put those shows to use imagining that we were characters from the episodes or trying to build the same contraptions that cartoon characters built. It was in our time away from those cartoons that we allowed our imaginations to be inspired by what we saw.

This week unplug from the digital world and let your creativity grow from your previous experiences. Make memories like the ones we made watching, reliving, and reinventing our Saturday morning programs. Point your energy in a direction that your tv button cannot navigate and make your own episodes of entertainment.

By: Melanie A. Peters