Students who remind us why we teach

Annie and Caitlin

Caitlin Berhorst and Annie Bock gifted me with a selfie.

Students who remind us why we teach – At a Friday night basketball game, you can run into just about anybody but I usually have the distinct thrill of seeing former students. This Friday night was no different.

As I rounded the corner of the main entrance, I saw the smiling face of one Miss Annie Bock. Annie was part of the first freshman class I taught at Fatima High School and one of the charter members of my Random Acts of Kindness Club (R.A.K.). It was a treat to teach her and to see the great things she made happen at our R.A.K. events. Annie graduated in May, and like all of my former students, I LOVE hearing about their adventures in college and how they are doing in the “real world.” Annie shared the story of how she met a girl, who was a former member of R.A.K. at Linn High School (my former school), and that they became immediate friends. Low and behold Annie’s new friend was one of the sweetest kids I had ever taught, Amanda Wieberg. They became friends because of their participation in R.A.K. and my tutelage.  

Shortly after, Caitlin Berhorst (another former student) joined us at the game and both Annie and Caitlin shared just how wonderfully they were doing. They reminded me how the energy I put into their learning experiences assists in inciting growth and the ability to form caring and supportive relationship. As with each happy visit I have with former students, I delighted in the fact that the fruits of my labor foster foundations for relationship building and the willingness to be open to what adventures may come.

Even if you are not an educator by profession, think about how your efforts result in a wide array of benefits for those you encounter. How does your job enable others to be productive or happier? How does your daily meal with your family make for a healthy break from outside stressors? How does your sense of humor bring brightness to those who are lucky enough to hear your jokes? 

Make your intention today to investigate just how you impact those around you. Use your findings to do even greater things or to begin little habits that could lead to a big difference. Embrace those former students whom you have bolstered with your intent, and celebrate your impact of the world around you. Learn just how important your energy is for the world.

By: Melanie A. Peters


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