Graceful Mistakes – Wise Words Wednesday

Graceful Mistakes – Wise Words Wednesday


There is no better time than the holidays to forgive and forget mistakes. Let bygones be bygones. Let peace within yourself ring and forgiveness shine for all to see.

Not one of us is perfect. That is the fun of being human. Embrace your imperfections.

Not one of us says the right thing all the time. That makes conversation exciting. Pray for the right words. Slow down and give yourself time to find the most helpful thing to say.

Not one of us freely prances through life without a flub up. That gives us room for grace. It’s not the fall that is graceful; it is how you get back up.

I encourage you to find the grace within yourself to forgive past shortcomings and move on from your mistakes. Grow from the things you have learned.

Graceful intentergy is the best kind of positivity. Graceful intentergy is the most rewarding energy. The grace and light that radiates from forgiving yourself will not only brighten your day but will shine as an example for all those you encounter of how to love themselves gracefully.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Remember that whole love yourself thing.


Three Gifts from Santa

Three Gifts from Santa


Every year Santa delivers three gifts for each of us. That is it. Three.

My children receive three things from the jolly old elf and are ecstatic. The gifts are usually three things from my children’s wish lists or fun things they will use.

When people hear that my children only receive three gifts Christmas morning, they are shocked.

Here are Santa’s reasons for the tradition of three gifts on Christmas morning at our home:

5. Santa is magical but he is also practical.

4. Santa wants the family to spend time together. He doesn’t want all of Christmas to be spent in separate parts of the house with our new things. He wants us together.

3. Santa wants our children to know they are loved and the number of gifts under the tree can NEVER amount to the measure of our love.

2. Children receive so much through out the year. He wants those three gifts to be special and memorable.

1. Santa remembers the first Christmas. At that first Christmas, a very special child received three very special gifts. He wants that same special message to be shared with my family.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Remember the Reason for the Season.

Things You Didn’t Hear at the First Thanksgiving

Things You Didn’t Hear at the First Thanksgiving


Here are the Top 10 Things I bet you would not have heard at the First Thanksgiving.

10. “I can’t find the marshmallows for the sweet potatoes.” (Marshmallows were not invented until the mid 1800’s. Potatoes did not become a staple in American diets until decades later.)

9. “Is there Cool Whip for the pumpkin pie?” (While there may have been pumpkin, no ovens were used regularly in America for 20 years. No Cool Whip until 1966.)

8. “Pass the salt and pepper” (There probably weren’t many, if any spices. The meats would have been seasoned with nuts, fruits, and herbs. Much less sodium than today)

7. “What a Halftime show!” (Halftime shows did not come about until the 1920’s when Walter Lingo used halftime to help sell his pure bred dogs.)

6. “You have to sit at the kids’ table.” (The children probably sat on the ground.)

5. “Is that turkey organic?” (Everything was organic. Turkey was probably not even on the menu. Historians have recorded that some fowl was part of the meal but the main source of protein came from 5 deer brought as a gift from the Native Americans.)

4. “Want to watch “Bambi”?” (See note from #5.)

3. “God Bless America”(America was still a wild wilderness. Pilgrims were celebrating survival thanks to their Native friend. BTW – Irving Berlin wrote the song “God Bless America” in 1918.)

2. “I am going to put my Christmas tree tomorrow.” (Puritans did not celebrate Christmas. They believed it was a wasteful day created by selfish, greedy men.)

1. “I have to leave early to get to the Black Friday Sales.” (Black Friday probably meant Black Plague day and everyone died.)

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I am grateful you were willing to read my post of things I don’t think were said at the First Thanksgiving.

Disclaimer: I was not at the First Thanksgiving to witness if these things were said or not.

Taste Your Words – Wise Words Wednesday

Taste Your Words – Wise Words Wednesday


Chewing food with our mouths open is considered rude and disgusting. Saying words before we think about them can also be quite unsightly.

As we come together for the holidays and forge our way through holiday crowds, we need to make sure our words are as sweet and digestible as possible.

Taste your words before you spit them out.

Consider the weight and brevity of what you say. If you know that you are someone who struggles with thinking before you speak, make dedication to improving on it your Christmas gift to yourself and the ones you love.

Apologies and guilt leave a terrible taste in our mouths. Considering what you say before it is spoken will help prevent those icky instances from occurring. Taste your words before you spit them out.

Give your words intentions of kindness and consideration. Put energy into speaking simple and loving statements. Make your words matter in a positive way. “Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out.”

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Please do not chew with your mouth open. It really is yucky.

Check It Out. It’s Cold!

Check It Out. It’s Cold!


We brought Bandit home on the hottest day of the summer. A lot has changed since then. As winter has started to make its slow entrance this year, I worry about our furry, little buddy. His frozen water and the long cold nights do worry me, but it is his loneliness that I find most bothersome.

School is in full swing. Holidays are ruling our schedules. It is dark by 5:00 p.m. And, well… it’s cold outside. The kids don’t have time or the desire to play with their puppy. I try my best to entertain him at feeding time and when I take a break for lunch. Frequently when I see his sad, puppy face sitting outside the back door, I give him a snuggle. But is it enough?

I know Bandit is a dog. Dogs have lived outside in cold weather for centuries. He will be okay.

Bandit’s situation brings to light the impact winter makes. There are so many people living in our communities that are negatively impacted by the cold. They either cannot get out because of physical limitations or because of the sadness and depression that winter can bring. It’s Cold! You need to check on them.

The chill that many feel this time of year has nothing to do with the temperatures but rather a lack of love or attention. Please find it in your hearts and schedules to check on your neighbors, those that attend your churches, and that you encounter at places like the grocery store.

Stopping by with a homemade card, raking leaves, carrying groceries, or helping with holiday decorations are simple actions that warm the hearts of the lonely this time of year.

Check it out. It’s cold! Be a bearer of love and light to those in need and the lonely. Take time to ask how you can help. While Bandit has the luxury of being the cutie on my back porch, the hurting of our communities cannot and will not always come knocking on our door. Put your energy into seeking out those who need care and pursue intents that will take the chill out of empty hearts.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. There are plenty of charities and organizations who are eager for your assistance. Consider adopting a family or an individual from local giving trees and dedicate some time and treasure to enhancing their lives.


Storytelling as a Reward?

Storytelling as a Reward?


The school that my children attend has been participating in a program where they are called to be safe, kind, and respectful. The theme of the program is Sharing Your Treasures. It goes along the lines of following God’s example of charity and generosity.

When the students earn a certain number of “treasures” in the school treasure chest, they receive a surprise reward. The students are also asked for ideas of things they would like for their reward. This time a 3rd grader suggested a storyteller come visit when the treasure chest was full.

As the treasure chest neared is brink of treasures, the school principal asked if I would be willing to be storyteller. I said, “Sure. When? How much time do I have to tell the stories?” We settled on a date and length of time and I decided in my mind which stories I would share.

I didn’t tell anyone about my secret identity as the storyteller because I didn’t want to ruin the surprise.

Last Thursday was my day to serve as storyteller. I was nervous when I was revealed as the surprise because I could see the incredulous looks on some of the kids’ faces.
“This is our reward???” – is what they were thinking.

I broke the ice with a silly joke and then started in with two fables. By the second minute of the first fable, they were hooked. They were leaning in to hear and wanted to know what the moral of the story would be. After the fables, I shared three myths and one really long joke. The students didn’t want to the stories to end and this storyteller was so relieved.

Since Thursday, I have received multiple emails, phone calls, and compliments from parents at school. There have been plenty of hugs coming my way from the school kids too. It has been very rewarding for me.

It really made me think though.

How is it that one goofy lady and a handful of stories could be considered a reward?

Simplicity was the key. The stories fed the students’ imaginations. The opportunity provided them the chance to just be kids and enjoy the magic of fiction. Simplicity and time. Giving the kids time and attention was significant. There wasn’t any lecturing or scolding or coaching. Just storytelling.

I encourage you to take time to tell some fun or memorable stories of your own this week. Share your time and talents with those you love. Your attention and imagination or maybe stories about past experiences are all that is needed to create a new memory.

Spark energy with your intent to share and reap the rewards of a story well told.

By: Melanie A. Peters


Greatest Prison = What Others Think

Greatest Prison = What Others Think: Wise Words Wednesday


As I have begun my holiday shopping, my concern for the reactions of others has grown to its typical holiday height. Way too big!

Gifts are to be given out of love, not out of fear for what the recipient will say when they receive it. Similarly, our actions should be done out of love, not because of what others will think.

Who cares what others are thinking? Most of the time our fears are nowhere near what is on the minds of those we worry about anyway.

Don’t imprison yourself with fear.

Don’t hold back in your giving because of your insecurities.

Now I can’t guarantee that all gift recipients will receive with joy, or whatever reaction you are expecting, but I can guarantee that giving with an open heart will open your life to tremendous charity and gratitude.

Set yourself free from concerns about the opinions of others. Release yourself from worries about the words and thoughts of others. Liberate your love by giving without reservations and acting without self-doubt.

Who cares what others think? Love enough to share with them anyway.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Giving gifts is a great way to show you care. Giving without reservations is a great way to show you love.

Fragile Schedules – What happens when your calendar is gone?

via Daily Prompt: Fragile Schedules – What happens when your calendar is gone?


My cell phone has been doing some funky stuff lately. It keeps beeping when I get an email (even though I have turned off the notifications twice.) I am not receiving texts messages until two days after they were sent. Others are not receiving my texts until much later or not at all.

BUT The worst possible thing happened last Saturday to my phone…

my calendar was gone!!?!?!?!?!

The last two years of dates and appointments…gone. My appointments for this year…gone. Everything I had already scheduled for 2017…GONE.

I never realized how heavily I relied on my little digital calendar.

Losing that computerized calendar shattered my fragile sense of control.

My mental and physical planning are centered around the memos and reminders saved in that stupid calendar and now I wasn’t sure how I was going to be an effective planner.

I am a planner. I need to plan things. I love to plan. How was I going to plan without my calendar???? Continue reading “Fragile Schedules – What happens when your calendar is gone?”

An Elephant on Your Fence and other Elephantine Problems

An Elephant on Your Fence and other Elephantine Problems

Q: What time is it when an elephant sits on your fence?


Photo credit:

A: Time to get a new fence

This is a popular joke at my house that actually teaches a terrific lesson.

The biggest problems can sometimes have the simplest solutions.

Yes, those solutions may take a lot of time and effort, but they are simple none-the-less.

If you are facing a big problem, try to look at the big picture and find what it will take to alleviate the issue. What do you have to do to get rid of the problem?

There is not a problem we can’t solve one way or another. Okay, I know you are thinking, “What about world hunger, or war, or racism?”

Well, this brings me to my second elephantine problem. Continue reading “An Elephant on Your Fence and other Elephantine Problems”

Dilemma – What Should I Wear?

via Daily Prompt: Dilemma

Dilemma – What Should I Wear?


Last Saturday I stared at the rack of clothes in my closet saying, “What Should I Wear?” After a long day of cooking, cleaning, and birthday partying for my daughter, I had to get everyone ready for an annual family gathering. I didn’t want to get dressed. The kids were ready. The husband was putting on the clothes I had already picked out for him, but what was I going to wear?

My 3 year-old came into my room and wanted to know if I was ready to go yet. I asked him to pick out a shirt for me. He smiled really big and chose a teal sleeveless top. Well, it was  a bit chilly last Saturday so I grabbed one of my favorite cardigans to put on top and headed out the door. I looked alright and my kiddo felt important because he helped make a decision.

How often do you stand in your room and wonder, “What should I wear?”  Continue reading “Dilemma – What Should I Wear?”