Check It Out. It’s Cold!

Check It Out. It’s Cold!


We brought Bandit home on the hottest day of the summer. A lot has changed since then. As winter has started to make its slow entrance this year, I worry about our furry, little buddy. His frozen water and the long cold nights do worry me, but it is his loneliness that I find most bothersome.

School is in full swing. Holidays are ruling our schedules. It is dark by 5:00 p.m. And, well… it’s cold outside. The kids don’t have time or the desire to play with their puppy. I try my best to entertain him at feeding time and when I take a break for lunch. Frequently when I see his sad, puppy face sitting outside the back door, I give him a snuggle. But is it enough?

I know Bandit is a dog. Dogs have lived outside in cold weather for centuries. He will be okay.

Bandit’s situation brings to light the impact winter makes. There are so many people living in our communities that are negatively impacted by the cold. They either cannot get out because of physical limitations or because of the sadness and depression that winter can bring. It’s Cold! You need to check on them.

The chill that many feel this time of year has nothing to do with the temperatures but rather a lack of love or attention. Please find it in your hearts and schedules to check on your neighbors, those that attend your churches, and that you encounter at places like the grocery store.

Stopping by with a homemade card, raking leaves, carrying groceries, or helping with holiday decorations are simple actions that warm the hearts of the lonely this time of year.

Check it out. It’s cold! Be a bearer of love and light to those in need and the lonely. Take time to ask how you can help. While Bandit has the luxury of being the cutie on my back porch, the hurting of our communities cannot and will not always come knocking on our door. Put your energy into seeking out those who need care and pursue intents that will take the chill out of empty hearts.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. There are plenty of charities and organizations who are eager for your assistance. Consider adopting a family or an individual from local giving trees and dedicate some time and treasure to enhancing their lives.



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