Emergency Room Enlightenment

Emergency Room Enlightenment


Labor Day 2016 – I was grading papers. My husband was watching baseball and surfing the internet. My kids were jumping off my daughter’s bed onto a pallet of pillows and blankets. All was right in the world…

My youngest son was too excited to wait for his turn; he pushed my older son. My older son rolled into my daughter. My daughter fell off the bed and whacked her knee cap on the bed rail.

Her knee swelled immediately and she cried and screamed for quite some time. Ice and ibuprofen did not seem to help. At 6:00 p.m. on Labor Day, I took my daughter to the emergency room.

We waited a long time after being check-in. The Emergency Room is busy on Labor Day.

My daughter was in pain, but her curiosity kept her busy with worry for every person who came through the ER doors. Eventually we were taken back to an exam room and she was evaluated by a Nurse Practitioner name Dana. Everyone treated my little girl with kindness and comfort. She was taken back for x-rays and handled with great concern. Fortunately, the x-ray revealed that her knee cap was not broken. The swelling was probably the result of a ligament strain.

A doctor joined Nurse Practitioner Dana and confirmed these results. Maggie was to have her leg splinted for a few days and then keep weight off of it until we could follow up with our pediatrician.

The nurses who cared for my daughter were busy and working hard, but took exceptional care to check on Maggie’s comfort. They even gave her lessons on how to use her new crutches. Finally, at 2:00 a.m. we were ready to be discharged. Before we left, Nurse Practitioner Dana stopped in to see if we needed anything else. She kindly provided an absence excuse and physical activity excuse for Maggie. But,she gave me the best gift I could have hoped for that night. Continue reading “Emergency Room Enlightenment”


Providing Feedback – Do you do it?

Providing Feedback – Do you do it?

Providing Feedback.jpg

Surveys, questionnaires, feedback forms are all ways that stores, doctors, businesses, and schools try to get your opinion on their services. Do you respond to these?

I personally get a kick out of completing surveys.

Yes, some ask the same question over and over. Yes, I complete some surveys because I was unhappy with service I received. Yes, I know giving feedback is a way for businesses and advertisers to “track” me so that they can send me more emails and ads, but I’m ok with it.

Giving feedback is a terrific tool for sharing your voice. It is a way to help businesses provide better service for their clients. It is a way to get free stuff (sometimes).

When I worked in retail, I LOVED getting a nice comment card. It really made my day to hear that I helped someone in some way. It frustrated me (probably more than most), when we received a negative card. It was like a personal hit to my work ethic and efforts, even thought I probably could not have done anything to stop or improve the situation, I always took their words to heart.

Keeping my own experience in mind, I do take the time to complete surveys for customer service associates who help or provide great service. I also take time to complete surveys when service is poor. That negative associate may be costing the company money or alienating people who need the services provided by that business.

Let me give you an example. Continue reading “Providing Feedback – Do you do it?”

Happiness is an Inside Job – Wise Words Wednesday

Happiness is an Inside Job – Wise Words Wednesday


The more I teach, write, pray, and live, the more I realize that happiness really does come from within. Perspective anchors everything. When we face the daily encounters of life, our perspective magnifies our happiness or sadness.

It is easy for me to write, “Oh, let’s all be happy all the time.” Is is not so easy to physically do so. That’s ok.

We are only human. We have emotions. We have guilt. We have hurt. We have anger. We have confusion. We have imperfections. We also have perspective that comes from within ourselves.

While you may have some negative aspects to your day, take a moment to refocus your perspective. Direct your energy to a brighter, more grateful outlook. Channeling your perspective to the thankful and appreciative light will enhance the joy you feel in your life. Allowing the good to shine in your perspective will strengthen the happiness in your heart. Continue reading “Happiness is an Inside Job – Wise Words Wednesday”

Communication is necessary. No bull!

Communication is necessary. No Bull!

No Bull - communicate

For a while my husband has been looking for a balancer bull to round out our herd of Red Angus cattle. He had mentioned a few times that he found some nice looking Charolais or other breeds but I told him we raise Red Angus and I had no real interest in any crossbreeds.

Low and behold at dinner one evening, my husband announced that our new bulls and heifers would be delivered the next day. The kids were excited. I was confused. When did we buy new bulls or heifers?

He went on to tell the kids that they were going to get some pretty, new white cows. He didn’t look me in the eye. I didn’t want any white cows. We raise Red Angus!

I didn’t say anything. I just began to clear the dinner table. After dinner we finished up another crazy evening of dishes, homework, baths, and bedtime. I was too exhausted to bring up our new white cows.

The next day the Charolais arrived as promised. We took our excited kiddos to see them in the lot. The kids named them and asked questions and fought over who got to open and close the gate. I didn’t say much. We raise Red Angus.

Each night we continued to check the white cows and the red cows. The kids continued to be excited. I continued to be silent. Life was too busy to talk about those stupid, white cows.  Continue reading “Communication is necessary. No bull!”

Got Whatcha Need

Got Whatcha Need


On our way to a party recently, my husband bravely offered to stay in the car, with all three kiddos and the puppy, so I that I could run into the grocery story to get some snacks and drinks. We made a verbal list of what he thought I needed to get, while each child added their own personal desires. My list got way too long way too fast. I knew what we needed but listened and said, “Okay, I will be right back.”

In his listing my husband did not mention soda, but I knew it was something he and the kids would want. The first thing I grabbed was the soda and then headed for the chips. As I walked away from the beverage isle, my cell phone rang. It was hubby. He wanted me to get some Diet Coke. 🙂

I sent him this picture of soda already in the cart. He replied with, “You always know what I need.”

We all have relationships that fulfill our needs. Friendship, companionship, love, understanding, laughter, Diet Coke: these are all things provided to us by the ones we know and love. Continue reading “Got Whatcha Need”

No Open Doors for Old Ways – Wise Words Wednesday

No Open Doors for Old Ways – Wise Words Wednesday

Old Ways and New Doors.png

While change is the only constant thing in our lives, we often find changing ourselves to be one of the hardest.

Consider what aspect or element of your life could use a new approach. Open your heart and mind to the possibilities change could bring.

If a problem area for you is spending too much, slow down your cash flow and open a new savings plan.

If gossip is your go-to vice, find ways to redirect your focus. Find pleasure in the gifts of daily life in place of the downfall or tragedy of others. Open your conversation to positive and insightful messages instead of rumors or “he said/she said.”

If you need to find a healthier lifestyle, start small and work your way to a new you. Maybe just drink more water and less soda or save the change that you would normally put into a vending machine and deposit it into a savings account or the basket at church on Sunday every week.

Find a way to become the you that you are glad to have come through the door.

By: Melanie A. Peters


Labels That Tell Us What To Do

Labels That Tell Us What To Do










I am shocked at what labels have to tell consumers to do.

Have we forgotten how to think for ourselves? Is problem-solving a skill that has gone by the wayside? Are candy wrappers really that difficult to open?

I guess the answer to all of these questions is, “Yes.”

I don’t think it is “Yes” because we can’t problem solve but because we are so over-stimulated that we can’t slow down long enough to open the darn candy bar.

Earlier this summer I wrote about my son’s inability to see a simple solution to spilling his milk because he was too concerned about getting in trouble. (Just Get a Towel) We all suffer from those moments when we know we should have the answer but it just won’t come to us.

Everyday tasks, like opening candy bars, become wrestling matches between our brains and our hands. It takes a whole lot of energy to get our brain to pin our hands down onto what needs to be done. It is exhausting, because the entire time you just want that yummy, chocolatey snack, your brain is being tag-teamed by all the other decisions and problems of your day.  Continue reading “Labels That Tell Us What To Do”


via Daily Prompt: Recharge



While we all seem to be connected through technology, we are also connected to our own energy source. I have found that all too often I am more apt to charge my phone’s battery than my own.

I really want to be better at recharging.

Recently a friend of mine was diagnosed with Mononucleosis. It was a welcome diagnosis because she has been feeling very run down and her doctor told her there were some potentially scary causes for her condition. She was relieved but frustrated all at once. “How does a respectable, grown woman get mono?” She texted me. I reminded her that Kevin Siegrist, pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, has battled mono this season too and he is in prime physical condition. It just happens.

I told her to rest and recharge and she would be better in no time.

At almost the exact same time, someone else that I love texted to tell me that she had cracked two ribs. (We knew they were probably cracked, but she was too stubborn to go to the doctor.) I offered to make dinner and help her around her house so that she could rest. Her response was that she was just going to keep working and they were only a little sore. How are we ever going to get the soreness to go away if she doesn’t rest and recharge???!!!??? Continue reading “Recharge”

You don’t have to have it all figured out – Wise Words Wednesday

You don’t have to have it all figured out – Wise Words Wednesday

You don't have to have it all figured out.png

The unexpected is the only constant in life. We know we have to keep moving forward but we don’t always know what to expect. That’s okay!

When making changes in your life (or just trying to cope with daily stress), keep moving forward. You may not have all the logistics worked out, but you will at least have momentum in your favor.

A lot of my students have cried to me about their indecisiveness for the future. I always assure them that it will be okay. You don’t always have to have it all figured out to move forward. Sometimes opportunities move us forward. We just have to face them with active minds and open hearts.

If you are feeling like you just can’t figure life out, you are not alone. Keep moving forward. Continue making decisions and taking risks. The adventure comes when we leap past the uncertainty and fly with our new discoveries. (Yes, you may crash-land sometimes but remember scars are cool.)

Put your energy into accepting uncertainty. Have faith in knowing you are capable of not just moving forward but moving mountains.

By: Melanie A. Peters

The Versatile Blogger Award – Yay me!

The Versatile Blogger Award – Yay me!


Thank you to FlyingColours603 for the nomination! Please take time to check out the interesting view points and thought-provoking insights provided by FlyingColours603.

As a recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award, I am to share 7 facts about myself. Seven facts that I am sure are to demonstrate my versatility.

  1. My dream job as a teenager was to become a country music artist. (I still love to sing.)
  2. My favorite foods are fried chicken and chocolate. (Not together of course)
  3. I am the oldest of four girls, while my husband is the oldest of four boys.
  4. Kentucky Wildcat Basketball is my favorite sport to watch. Go Wildcats!
  5. My favorite novel is Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.
  6. My favorite movie is “Gone With the Wind.”
  7. My favorite childhood memory to share is the time when my parents moved to a new house without me. Childhood can be so scary. Don’t worry! They eventually found me and brought me home.



It is also a blogging protocol to spread the wealth and share nominations for blogging awards. I follow many terrific bloggers so it is very difficult for me to select just a few but here they are:

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By: Melanie A. Peters (gratefully nominated)