Providing Feedback – Do you do it?

Providing Feedback – Do you do it?

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Surveys, questionnaires, feedback forms are all ways that stores, doctors, businesses, and schools try to get your opinion on their services. Do you respond to these?

I personally get a kick out of completing surveys.

Yes, some ask the same question over and over. Yes, I complete some surveys because I was unhappy with service I received. Yes, I know giving feedback is a way for businesses and advertisers to “track” me so that they can send me more emails and ads, but I’m ok with it.

Giving feedback is a terrific tool for sharing your voice. It is a way to help businesses provide better service for their clients. It is a way to get free stuff (sometimes).

When I worked in retail, I LOVED getting a nice comment card. It really made my day to hear that I helped someone in some way. It frustrated me (probably more than most), when we received a negative card. It was like a personal hit to my work ethic and efforts, even thought I probably could not have done anything to stop or improve the situation, I always took their words to heart.

Keeping my own experience in mind, I do take the time to complete surveys for customer service associates who help or provide great service. I also take time to complete surveys when service is poor. That negative associate may be costing the company money or alienating people who need the services provided by that business.

Let me give you an example. During my pregnancies I suffered from carpal tunnel in both wrists. It was bad. I wore braces. I took ibuprofen. I suffered. After visiting a local physician, I was able to get relief with a simple treatment. I scheduled a follow-up and went on my way. Well when it was time for my next appointment, I had an 8 month old baby and was suffering from a ruptured gall bladder. (Life was crazy.)

I missed my appointment with the carpal tunnel doctor. As soon as I realized my mistake, I called their office to apologize and try to reschedule. The receptionist I spoke to was very rude and put me down for being so irresponsible as to completely miss an appointment. She shamed me so badly with her words that I lost my gumption for trying to reschedule and simply hung up with an “I’m sorry.” A week or so later I saw one of the other receptionists and told her about my mistake and how I had been so ashamed of missing my appointment. She was totally embarrassed for my situation and said that never should have happened. She encouraged me to contact the office manager and report my experience. I eventually did so and the office manager apologized and personally scheduled a new appointment for me. Some time later, I learned that my complaint was only one of many and that receptionist was forced to take another position because of her treatment of the patients. If I had not spoken up, others would have had the same, if not worse, experiences as mine.

This may seem like a pretty negative post for Intentergy but sharing it has positive intent.

Please take the time to complete surveys and questionnaires or at least to speak to management when you have been served well or not had acceptable service. Your words and input could mean great things for the deserving and a wake-up call for those who need a better outlook.

Feedback is free but can make a valuable impact.

By: Melanie A. Peters


One thought on “Providing Feedback – Do you do it?

  1. Rightly said. 😀
    I didn’t use to provide feedback to any of the services that I have used or the products that I have bought. But lately I have realized that it’s very beneficial to provide feedback as it might help others and let them know whether they should go with that particular product, service or not.

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