Practice Swings

Practice Swings

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As I watched my husband patiently coach our 7 year-old I knew I needed a greater appreciation for the practice swing. Our daughter was getting really frustrated with striking out so he encouraged her to stop and take a few practice swings.

This break in the game provided her with a diversion from her frustration and a chance to regain her form. After a few deliberate and carefully coached swings, she was making contact and swinging for the fences again. Practice Swings 2

If you feel like every swing you attempt is a miss, take a step back, check your form, breathe, get in a few practice swings, and you are certain to find your groove again.

If your intent isn’t clear because of frustration, your energy is misguided. Calm yourself. Play out what you need to do to be successful in your mind. Practice swing your way into a winning stance and you will love the results.

Practice Swings 3

RJ – one of our favorite superstars


By: Melanie A. Peters

Special thanks to my buddy RJ for his practice swings. My daughter was too frustrated to be photographed at the time of practice. ūüôā


Curve Balls

Curve Balls
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Curve ball grip

I don’t know much about the physics of baseball but I do know curve balls are one of the nastiest tricks in any thrower’s repertoire. The trouble with a curve ball is that a batter has to gauge where a ball is going to move. It’s the ultimate moving target.

Consider a time when you were thrown a curve ball. Was it a heartbreak? An illness? A failed business or class? How did you recover? Are you still trying to regain your composure? Do you feel completely struck out?

Step out of the batter’s box for a second. If you have moved on, good for you! Keep swinging for the fences. If you are still reeling from the curve, give yourself time to regroup physically and emotionally. That’s what timeouts are for. Just remember you can’t take too long; you are still in the game.

If you are hanging your head in the walk of shame back to the dugout, pick that head up. This might not have been your best at-bat, but it certainly isn’t your last attempt.

Change your stance. Train your eye (and your heart) to know where to aim. Challenge yourself to attack that curve next time with confidence and experience. That experience is what gives you the energy and understanding to adjust your swing and maybe drive home your next intent.

By: Melanie A. Peters




The job of the shortstop is to make it easier for the defense to complete accurate throws when stopping a runner or making an out. We all could use a shortstop sometime. Someone to help us focus or redirect our efforts. A teammate to assist us when our target is moving too fast or is too far away.

Think about someone in your life who you can always count on in a pinch. Somebody who has given you a needed assist when completing a job or getting to a desired destination. Maybe there is a person in your life who boosts your morale or motivates you to be your best. Contact that person today and thank them for being your shortstop. Explain why and how they are your shortstop (of course) and share your positive appreciation for their intentions in your life.

By: Melanie A Peters

Images were obtained from Google Images. Ozzie Smith is my all time favorite Cardinal and a Hall of Fame Shortstop. David Eckstein was one of my favorite Cardinals and was World Series MVP¬†for the Cardinals. Jhonny Peralta is my son’s favorite Cardinal and he happens to be a terrific shortstop.





My 5-year-old LOVES baseball (particularly St. Louis Cardinals baseball). He is so devoted that we¬†DVR all Cardinals’ games so he can see each and every play. (Heaven help us if weather intefers with satellite reception.)

For the longest time whenever any runs scored, my son thought it was a homerun. He would hoop and holler and say, “Go crazy, folks, go crazy!” At first we didn’t have the heart to tell him not all runs are out-of-the park, rip-the-cover-off, grand slams, Continue reading “Homeruns”

Alleluia (after Lent)

Alleluia (after Lent)

Alleluia (1)

During the season of Lent we do not say, “Alleluia” during mass. Lent is a time of penance and reflection. “Alleluia” is a word of celebration.

We frequently sing “Alleluia” in my classroom when a terrific discovery has been made or when we finish an arduous task. But we have not sang it for the last 39 days. Last week my daughter told me how sad she was that we couldn’t sing it now. She just didn’t care for the “Praise to you, word of God, Lord Jesus Christ” that we sing in its place. I assured her that Easter was right around the corner and we could shout it from the rooftops if we wanted. Her sadness and my holding back on the “Alleluias” in the classroom led me to realize just how much I missed that word too.

Today take time to say an “Alleluia.”

Whether¬†your Alleluia be for the risen Lord or for finding your missing tennis shoe, make it count. Sing your Alleluia from your heart and put all your energy behind it. When we realize a miracle has happened for us, our lives are enhanced and countless blessings are available to us. This Easter season realize what miracles have taken place so that you might live and ALLELUIA in each day’s blessings.

Happy Easter! Thank you, God, for sending us your son! Thank you, Jesus, for being our savior!

By: Melanie A. Peters

Egg Hunting and other springtime sports

Egg Hunting and other springtime sports

Easter 2016 (61)

Hunting Easter eggs is a sport that combines the agility of tag with the awareness of hide-and-go-seek, and the dexterity of Twister. It requires its participants to search out those ornate orbs and gather as many as possible into their brightly colored baskets. The competition gets really fierce when there is a golden egg to be found. Easter 2016 (181).JPG

Remember how great it felt to find one particularly sneaky egg? Or how excited you were to return with your basket brimming to the top?

Go on a mental Easter egg hunt of gratitude.

Fill your heart with thoughts of appreciation for the things around you. Bulge your bonnet with thoughts of gratefulness for your family and friends. Seek out those daily pleasures that you have not given much thought to lately. Make a game out of how many treasures you can find in a room and say a prayer of thanksgiving.

Finding value in your surroundings will always lead to bountiful discovery and positivity in your pursuits.

Easter 2016 (48)

By: Melanie A. Peters

Cadbury Eggs – Spring time’s guilty pleasure

Cadbury Eggs – spring time’s guilty pleasure

Cadbury (5).JPG

I LOVE Cadbury Eggs!

I cannot wait for those silly old Valentine candies to move off the store shelves so those glorious, cream-filled, chocolate eggs can take their place! They may be chuck full of calories and sugar, but they are soooooo worth it!

Seek out a guilty pleasure today.

Savor it and smile.

Love the moment you are in and don’t worry about calories or other people’s opinions. Intend to do something that makes you happy. Put your energy into something meaningful to you.

Say, “Intentergy told me to do it” and enjoy every moment.Cadbury (1).JPG

By: Melanie A. Peters

Narcissus flowers (a.k.a. daffodils)

Narcissus flowers (a.k.a. daffodils)


The Greek myth of Narcissus teaches that we must love someone aside from ourselves.

Narcissus was born beautiful and prophesied to live a long life, so long as he never came to know himself. He lived happy, confident, and free until he was cursed to love someone who could not love him in return. Narcissus was cursed because he refused to love the nymph Echo. He soon came to see himself, for the first time, and fell in love with his own reflection.

Narcissus wasted away on the shoreline where his reflection stared back at him, and in the spot where he died a flower bloomed. Today that flower is called the narcissus or the daffodil.

We can learn a lot from the mythological beginnings of this flower.

png 1¬†First, it’s better to get to know ourselves early in life (unless Tiresias says you will die upon learning that knowledge ūüôā ). Seek to know who you truly are.

png 1 Second, a willingness to love those who are different than ourselves will earn us greater rewards and fewer missed opportunities (and even fewer curses).  Love those you encounter.

png 1¬†Third, when we don’t let go of things that are beyond our control, we miss out on the beauty that exists around us. All that remains is a memory of wishing for what we didn’t have. Observe and rejoice in the phenomena occurring around you and appreciate the diversity that our world provides.

Put your energy into loving the marvel that is you. Enjoy the miracles that being positive can bring.

By: Melanie A. Peters

Spring Chickens

Spring chickens –¬†being young isn’t easy

chicks (2)

I enjoy clich√©s as much as the next guy and the notion of being a “spring chicken” is no exception. Hearing someone say they are not a¬†spring chicken anymore is funny to me because there are A LOT of downfalls to being one of those fluffy, little chirpers.

First of all, you are at the mercy of that big, bright light to keep you warm. You just never know when it’s gonna come back on or shut off. preschool chicks (3)(You have no concept of thermostats.) Secondly, you are always spilling your little bowl of food or water. YUCK! Who wants to eat, drink, or step in that? Thirdly, there are always other chicks stepping on you or chirping in your ear because they are just as confused as you are.

In the event you are a daycare or elementary school spring chicken, your problems are 30 times worse because there are all these crazy faces looking at you and sticky, giant hands patting you and picking you up.

Today celebrate your experience and maturity. Enjoy having direction and priorities. Being grown up has its benefits. Be glad that you know what that big, bright thing is in the sky and let its rays warm you. Take care of yourself. Eat and drink what you know is good for you. Relish the fact that you aren’t chirping away with confusion. You have a wonderful mind that can guide you through tough or uncertain times. Celebrate that knowledge.

Chirp if you need, but know that you are a problem solver with tremendous ability. Turn your intent into gratitude for all that you know and have experienced. This will help your energy mature into something positively amazing.

By: Melanie A. Peters

Sidewalk Chalk – memory makers

Sidewalk Chalk – memory makers

chalk on the side (16).JPG

In life we are going to create amazing, inspiring things, but similarly to our sidewalk chalk drawings, sometimes all that remains is their memory.

Yes, it is hard to move on to the next project or make a picture that is just as perfect, but we always have the ability to focus our new intentions and guide our hands and heartschalk on the side (12) with the beauty that formerly enlightened us. Think back to a time when you did something great!

Smile at that memory. Really smile. Smile on your face, in your eyes, in your heart. Maybe even share the story of that proud moment with someone.

Create a moment of joy and pride for someone else. Point out a friend’s successes or thank someone for making your life better in a special way. Turn your¬†intent to¬†gratitude for¬†the present and your¬†positive energy¬†will never fade.

By: Melanie A. Peters