Practice Swings

Practice Swings

Practice Swings 1.jpg

As I watched my husband patiently coach our 7 year-old I knew I needed a greater appreciation for the practice swing. Our daughter was getting really frustrated with striking out so he encouraged her to stop and take a few practice swings.

This break in the game provided her with a diversion from her frustration and a chance to regain her form. After a few deliberate and carefully coached swings, she was making contact and swinging for the fences again. Practice Swings 2

If you feel like every swing you attempt is a miss, take a step back, check your form, breathe, get in a few practice swings, and you are certain to find your groove again.

If your intent isn’t clear because of frustration, your energy is misguided. Calm yourself. Play out what you need to do to be successful in your mind. Practice swing your way into a winning stance and you will love the results.

Practice Swings 3

RJ – one of our favorite superstars


By: Melanie A. Peters

Special thanks to my buddy RJ for his practice swings. My daughter was too frustrated to be photographed at the time of practice. 🙂


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