Curve Balls

Curve Balls
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Curve ball grip

I don’t know much about the physics of baseball but I do know curve balls are one of the nastiest tricks in any thrower’s repertoire. The trouble with a curve ball is that a batter has to gauge where a ball is going to move. It’s the ultimate moving target.

Consider a time when you were thrown a curve ball. Was it a heartbreak? An illness? A failed business or class? How did you recover? Are you still trying to regain your composure? Do you feel completely struck out?

Step out of the batter’s box for a second. If you have moved on, good for you! Keep swinging for the fences. If you are still reeling from the curve, give yourself time to regroup physically and emotionally. That’s what timeouts are for. Just remember you can’t take too long; you are still in the game.

If you are hanging your head in the walk of shame back to the dugout, pick that head up. This might not have been your best at-bat, but it certainly isn’t your last attempt.

Change your stance. Train your eye (and your heart) to know where to aim. Challenge yourself to attack that curve next time with confidence and experience. That experience is what gives you the energy and understanding to adjust your swing and maybe drive home your next intent.

By: Melanie A. Peters



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