Don’t Close the Door on Idiosyncrasies

What is the weirdest thing that bothers you?

What idiosyncrasy do you hold near and dear to your heart?

My friend Brian has a passion for keeping the door to his office closed when it is not in use. The door’s closure allows him focus and to maintain the energy he needs to be most effective at his job. Brian will post on Facebook hilarious rants about the need for that door to be closed. His posts make me laugh, but also remind me that the idiosyncrasies that set us apart are also what make us all human.

Open Door Idyosyncrasy

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Wild Flower Moments

After two months of staying home, the kids and I snuck away to my aunt and uncle‘s lake house. We had two days to take in some fresh scenery and do a whole lot of fishing. Between casting lines, reading books, baking cookies, and watching the boats on the lake, I made sure to take a few hikes and nature breaks.

I’m always amazed at how the simplest elements make themselves powerfully noticeable when I allow myself to be still. I believe my favorite instances of appreciation occur when I discover wild flowers. 

The moments of beauty created as wild flowers reveal themselves to us are truly miracles because they occur so surprisingly and often in very brief windows of time. One day there will be a hillside of blooms, and the next no blossoms can be seen.

Today I encourage you to seek out some wild flower moments. 

Allow yourself some quiet time to stumble across surprise lillies; stare into the eyes of  black-eyed susans; delight in the darting centers of cone flowers; and collect the wealth of the golden rod’s glow. If wild flowers are not your thing, search for the simple pleasures that do peak your interest. Put energy into appreciating tiny treasures or magic made my Mother Nature in other ways. If your intents are positive and full of gratitude, you will reap the rewards of experiencing moments just as bright and much less brief than those found in wild flower moments.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Picking wildflowers is legal in Missouri, so long as you do not pick them with the intent to sell. Be sure to check with your state laws before plucking those pretty posies from roadsides and state parks. Enjoy!

Vitality through Perseverance: Wise Words Wednesday


At the end of each mass, our parish family prays two special prayers.

The “Prayer for Love” and the “Parish Vitality Prayer” are said before the closing hymn is sung. Being a part of the Facebook Live broadcasts for our masses for the last two months, I can’t help but feel the hope found in the words of our “Parish Vitality Prayer.”

While most of our parish family are living their faith in quarantine and via social media, the church is still there and we are sending up the same prayers with the same faith that God will guide and provide for us.

The lines that state, “that our faith may vitalize our parishes and our perseverance maintain our outreach” have held particular inspiration for me.

By keeping our faith we are giving vitality to our church and breathing life into our faith family. This faith and breath makes believing invigorating.

As we work hard to open the physical churches and places of gatherings in safe ways, it gives our perseverance tremendous power and instills pride for the labors we have endured so as to ensure vitality within our communities.

Keep the faith.

Do what you can.

Be present where ever you may be.

Let your beliefs and perseverance be a vital element in your goals, interactions, and efforts.

Persevere with faith to bring vitality to your home, family, friends, and communities.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Does your church or faith group have a special closing prayer or blessing? Please share!

P.P.S. I don’t know who wrote the “Parish Vitality Prayer”, but I have faith they will be okay with me sharing insights on its inspiration.

May Positivity Challenge – Don’t Believe Everything You Think

May Positivity Challenge – Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Don't believe everything you think

Peter Pan is a story about never growing up and believing in the unbelievable. When I was a kid, my younger sisters had a VHS of Peter Pan starring Sandy Duncan. They loved that movie. We watched it A LOT, but the scene that sticks out most in my mind is the one where Tinkerbell’s light is going out and Peter Pan begs the audience to clap and cheer so that Tinkerbell would know they believed in her. Eventually, Tinkerbell’s light grew brighter; the music swelled and Peter Pan’s enthusiasm grew, knowing that darn good and well the kids at home JUST HAD to be clapping and cheering their little hearts out to bring Tink back.

Well, here’s the thing. Not everyone was cheering. (In my house we were not all cheering because we had seen the film 12,867 times.) Most were not cheering because they knew that Tinkerbell was just a light on the television screen and no amount of in-home enthusiasm was going to change that bulb’s brightness. The unbelievers chose not to support the idea that there was a fairy dying from unbelief of children.

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