The job of the shortstop is to make it easier for the defense to complete accurate throws when stopping a runner or making an out. We all could use a shortstop sometime. Someone to help us focus or redirect our efforts. A teammate to assist us when our target is moving too fast or is too far away.

Think about someone in your life who you can always count on in a pinch. Somebody who has given you a needed assist when completing a job or getting to a desired destination. Maybe there is a person in your life who boosts your morale or motivates you to be your best. Contact that person today and thank them for being your shortstop. Explain why and how they are your shortstop (of course) and share your positive appreciation for their intentions in your life.

By: Melanie A Peters

Images were obtained from Google Images. Ozzie Smith is my all time favorite Cardinal and a Hall of Fame Shortstop. David Eckstein was one of my favorite Cardinals and was World Series MVP for the Cardinals. Jhonny Peralta is my son’s favorite Cardinal and he happens to be a terrific shortstop.




One thought on “Shortstops

  1. “Contact that person today and thank them for being your shortstop.” — People don’t do this often enough. But we really should appreciate the people in our lives more often.

    Thanks for sharing!

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