Egg Hunting and other springtime sports

Egg Hunting and other springtime sports

Easter 2016 (61)

Hunting Easter eggs is a sport that combines the agility of tag with the awareness of hide-and-go-seek, and the dexterity of Twister. It requires its participants to search out those ornate orbs and gather as many as possible into their brightly colored baskets. The competition gets really fierce when there is a golden egg to be found. Easter 2016 (181).JPG

Remember how great it felt to find one particularly sneaky egg? Or how excited you were to return with your basket brimming to the top?

Go on a mental Easter egg hunt of gratitude.

Fill your heart with thoughts of appreciation for the things around you. Bulge your bonnet with thoughts of gratefulness for your family and friends. Seek out those daily pleasures that you have not given much thought to lately. Make a game out of how many treasures you can find in a room and say a prayer of thanksgiving.

Finding value in your surroundings will always lead to bountiful discovery and positivity in your pursuits.

Easter 2016 (48)

By: Melanie A. Peters


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