Spring Chickens

Spring chickens – being young isn’t easy

chicks (2)

I enjoy clichés as much as the next guy and the notion of being a “spring chicken” is no exception. Hearing someone say they are not a spring chicken anymore is funny to me because there are A LOT of downfalls to being one of those fluffy, little chirpers.

First of all, you are at the mercy of that big, bright light to keep you warm. You just never know when it’s gonna come back on or shut off. preschool chicks (3)(You have no concept of thermostats.) Secondly, you are always spilling your little bowl of food or water. YUCK! Who wants to eat, drink, or step in that? Thirdly, there are always other chicks stepping on you or chirping in your ear because they are just as confused as you are.

In the event you are a daycare or elementary school spring chicken, your problems are 30 times worse because there are all these crazy faces looking at you and sticky, giant hands patting you and picking you up.

Today celebrate your experience and maturity. Enjoy having direction and priorities. Being grown up has its benefits. Be glad that you know what that big, bright thing is in the sky and let its rays warm you. Take care of yourself. Eat and drink what you know is good for you. Relish the fact that you aren’t chirping away with confusion. You have a wonderful mind that can guide you through tough or uncertain times. Celebrate that knowledge.

Chirp if you need, but know that you are a problem solver with tremendous ability. Turn your intent into gratitude for all that you know and have experienced. This will help your energy mature into something positively amazing.

By: Melanie A. Peters


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