No Open Doors for Old Ways – Wise Words Wednesday

No Open Doors for Old Ways – Wise Words Wednesday

Old Ways and New Doors.png

While change is the only constant thing in our lives, we often find changing ourselves to be one of the hardest.

Consider what aspect or element of your life could use a new approach. Open your heart and mind to the possibilities change could bring.

If a problem area for you is spending too much, slow down your cash flow and open a new savings plan.

If gossip is your go-to vice, find ways to redirect your focus. Find pleasure in the gifts of daily life in place of the downfall or tragedy of others. Open your conversation to positive and insightful messages instead of rumors or “he said/she said.”

If you need to find a healthier lifestyle, start small and work your way to a new you. Maybe just drink more water and less soda or save the change that you would normally put into a vending machine and deposit it into a savings account or the basket at church on Sunday every week.

Find a way to become the you that you are glad to have come through the door.

By: Melanie A. Peters


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