Highlighters can bring attention to the good that you see. 

I use highlighters in my classroom as a tool for students to reveal what they know and when they have made corrections. For example, when we analyze poetry, I have my English students highlight the examples of literary tools, such as alliteration or simile. This exhibits to me that they are able to identify written examples, while showing them just how “bright” they are. With my yearbook staff, highlighters are implemented after someone has corrected an editor’s note on their proof. They may only highlight over the editor’s marks when the issue is resolved. It is a vivid exhibition of improvement and evolution within the spreads. This is how a great book is made. Illuminating where we have made progress.

Today use an imaginary or real highlighter (either way is great). Brighten your energy and the energy of those around you by pointing out something extraordinary that you witness. Make note of a marked improvement in an area that you know someone has been struggling. Revivify your workplace with some fresh cut flowers or a snack. Flash a smile or a warm greeting to everyone you meet.

Highlight something for yourself as well. Feed off of your own intent and you will radiate with renewed energy.

By Melanie A. Peters


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