Elastic – Its stretchy support makes our lives so comfortable.
Cherish the fact that you are like elastic. You are adaptable in your problem solving and communications. You are supportive (in a non-constricting sort of way) for your friends and family. You are not machine washable, but you do have the ability to snap back into things when challenges knock you out of sorts. Maybe even enjoy some sweatpants today with extra zeal because of the comfort you enjoy and the knowledge that you can be just as flexible.
By Melanie A. Peters

6 thoughts on “Elastic

  1. I love working with people who are flexible because it helps me feel more comfortable in my workplace. I wish all people used their flexibility in their life because it would make it less hectic and more enjoyable.

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  2. Being a flexible person is very helpful to yourself and others. Other people appreciate when you can be adjustable to their needs. It is also easier on yourself when you can adjust to your needs and wants.

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    1. This was so the goal of my Intentergy post today! It is so important for people to understand that we are all going through the motions of life together. Thank you, Taylor!


  3. The ability to be flexible and adaptable is a true necessity in life, whether it be school life, work life, or family life. It just makes every situation easier when you’re not stressed and take a step back to realize all of your “flexible” options.

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