My children’s idea of the perfect Christmas card photo (evidence of my 3-ring circus)

In response to The Daily Post’s One Word Prompt “Circus,” I chose to write about my own personal 3-ring circus.

Each ring is represented by a very special clown in my life.

The 7 year-old ring is ruled by a beautiful, sweet, smart, and stubborn clown. She loves horses and making crafts and (like her mother) has a hard time with accepting her own mistakes. She is a one-woman-musical as well, always singing and dancing or making her own shows for us to watch.

The 5 year-old strong man in the 2nd ring is constantly playing a sport. From baseball and basketball, to kickball, or hunting, my middle ring is always running, throwing, and diving. He wears his heart on his sleeve and is easily saddened by mistakes or the minor tragedies of daily life (especially a St. Louis Cardinals’ loss).

The sword-brandishing 3 year-old clown in the smallest ring keeps us all smiling. Continue reading “Circus”