Labels That Tell Us What To Do

Labels That Tell Us What To Do










I am shocked at what labels have to tell consumers to do.

Have we forgotten how to think for ourselves? Is problem-solving a skill that has gone by the wayside? Are candy wrappers really that difficult to open?

I guess the answer to all of these questions is, “Yes.”

I don’t think it is “Yes” because we can’t problem solve but because we are so over-stimulated that we can’t slow down long enough to open the darn candy bar.

Earlier this summer I wrote about my son’s inability to see a simple solution to spilling his milk because he was too concerned about getting in trouble. (Just Get a Towel) We all suffer from those moments when we know we should have the answer but it just won’t come to us.

Everyday tasks, like opening candy bars, become wrestling matches between our brains and our hands. It takes a whole lot of energy to get our brain to pin our hands down onto what needs to be done. It is exhausting, because the entire time you just want that yummy, chocolatey snack, your brain is being tag-teamed by all the other decisions and problems of your day.  Continue reading “Labels That Tell Us What To Do”