Red Pen Trophy Wall

Red Pen Trophy Wall

Red Pen cemetary.jpg

In 2015 I began my red pen trophy wall. This display was inspired by the trophies my husband accumulated over the years from hunting trips. My students always seemed to have more interest in what he was killing than what I was teaching so as each new pen bit the dust, I began my trophy wall.

The wall developed greater meaning when I applied the infamous words of Kathy Rolwes (fellow teacher and lover of the written word), “Ink is love.”

Kathy always tells her students, “Ink is love,” when returning graded work. Her critiques and feedback are loaded with insight, beneficial advice, and love (of course). Her affections are well demonstrated by the inky sacrifices made by her pens.

This school year I added an additional tradition to the retirement of tragic grading pens. I invited each student, who wrote a deadly paper, to give a eulogy for the pen who gave its life to evaluate them. Once this tradition began, Continue reading “Red Pen Trophy Wall”