The Mask Task

The task of keeping families masked has become one more chore we must consider before heading out the door each day. It is a task that we are using to protect lives from the perils of the Corona virus pandemic. It is a responsibility that now presses on us in our homes and adds to our laundry list of ways life has change in the shadow of COVID 19.

My washdays are definitely not holidays as I wrestle with washing masks in a special bag and drying them on the special rack because the face coverings require special care.

While I know it is a method for warding away COVID 19, I can’t help but groan at the daily dilemma of washing, finding, and coaxing my children and husband to wear the required face-coverings.

The masks’ appearance defined our first day of school photos. Never before did I view my children as bandits heading off to steal the treasures of their unsuspecting teachers. (Now I can’t un-see it.)

Each night the masks have joined our bedtime ritual in on the “Do you know where your ________ is?” fun.

My Sunday evening anxiety seems to flare up midweek as I scramble to re-locate and wash the masks my kids will actually wear so as to make it through the week in their concealed coolness.

Worry About Today’s Peace – Wise Words Wednesday

Worry about today's peace

Peace. Each day we look, hope, and pray for peace in our lives.

What do we do right after we wish for peace? We worry about all the things that are disturbing our peace. There seems to be a plethora of disturbances in the peace at our home right now so I thought, “Worrying doesn’t take away tomorrow’s troubles. It takes away today’s peace,” was a perfect quote for this Wise Words Wednesday.

As hubby and I have attempted to plan a small vacation, my mind has been consumed by worry over the trip. What is wrong with me? I am planning a vacation. Vacation is supposed to be a stress reducer, but I am letting worry over details I cannot control consume me. It is definitely taking away from today’s peace. I need a vacation from worry.

My children are in a healthy routine of sibling conflict. At this point in the summer, most siblings are in a constant state of “I’m telling Mom.” My children’s inability to get along has me worrying about my success as a parent. That worry prevents me from finding the humor in the boys calling each other a “Tootie McTootieson.” I just need to make peace with the fact that they are going to fight, no matter how many toys, TV channels, or games they have. Continue reading “Worry About Today’s Peace – Wise Words Wednesday”

Fragile Schedules – What happens when your calendar is gone?

via Daily Prompt: Fragile Schedules – What happens when your calendar is gone?


My cell phone has been doing some funky stuff lately. It keeps beeping when I get an email (even though I have turned off the notifications twice.) I am not receiving texts messages until two days after they were sent. Others are not receiving my texts until much later or not at all.

BUT The worst possible thing happened last Saturday to my phone…

my calendar was gone!!?!?!?!?!

The last two years of dates and appointments…gone. My appointments for this year…gone. Everything I had already scheduled for 2017…GONE.

I never realized how heavily I relied on my little digital calendar.

Losing that computerized calendar shattered my fragile sense of control.

My mental and physical planning are centered around the memos and reminders saved in that stupid calendar and now I wasn’t sure how I was going to be an effective planner.

I am a planner. I need to plan things. I love to plan. How was I going to plan without my calendar???? Continue reading “Fragile Schedules – What happens when your calendar is gone?”