Perennials – anniversary of beautiful things


Perennials – anniversary of beautiful things

perrinnials 2wedding pic 001 (2).jpgNarcissus

I really enjoy the perennials in my flower beds. Not only are they beautiful but they are dependable.

Each year I can count on them to show up just when spring and summer are taking off, and I know that their colors and fragrances will attract the buzz of bees and the flutter of butterflies.

When they bloom, I celebrate another year of wonder in the miracle of their growth.

Similarly, I celebrate the anniversary of saying “I do” to my husband. Today we celebrate ten years of marriage. Like my perennials, I am always amazed by the beauty and dependability of our love for each other.

No, we don’t always flourish in agreement. Yes, we sometimes fail to sprinkle one another with compliments or quality time, but we do always find safety and happiness in coming home to each other and joy in watching our children and lives together blossom.

Today celebrate the miracle of something that is dependable in your life.

Enjoy the sensation of an embrace or kiss. Be reassured by the ability to count on their presence. Feel the flutter of the butterflies in your stomach from the excitement of confidently knowing they are a part of your life.

By: Melanie A. Peters

Happy Anniversary, sweetheart!