Green Grass Moments

Green Grass Moments

Green Pastures.jpg

In early summer (when we have been lucky enough to have rain) the fields are tall and green. It almost looks like the cows can hide in the weeds.

There is something magical in watching the grass and weeds dance in the wind. As I enjoy the breezes that blow my hair back, the frolicking foliage makes the day so much more grand.

The old adage of greener grass on the other side of the fence feels true here.

As I walk down our gravel drive and take in the view of the cows, trees, and grass, the field seems to be a softer, more peaceful place. My crunchy footsteps on the rocks sound like rude interruptions to the scene. I move to walk along the fence row, but even the swoosh of my feet in the grass seems too harsh for the pastoral setting.

Maybe it was God’s way of telling me to stop and take in the sights and sounds that were being provided. So I stopped, looked, and listened. I could hear the cows move, and moo, and munch on the grass. I could hear the birds calling out to one another. I could hear the distant hum of the fans in our barns, cooling the turkeys. A bunny ran, and stopped down the driveway to check me out, and then went back on his little bunny way. The neighbor’s rooster crowed. It was a terrifically rural moment. Continue reading “Green Grass Moments”