Flawsome – Wise Words Wednesday

Flawsome – Wise Words Wednesday


Pinterest is often my go-to for seeking inspirational quotes. Recently I pinned an image that said, “Flawsome (adj.): an individual who embraces their “flaws” and knows they’re awesome regardless.” (Source: TheMindsJournal.com)

The term “flawsome” totally caught my attention so off to Google I ran. When I typed in “flawsome,” there were 212,000 results. That is A LOT of flawsome!

The Urban Dictionary was one of the first links to appear. A few entries down was Tyra Banks’ use of the word. Both the Urban Dictionary and Tyra Banks are much cooler than me, so my shared interest in this word was … well… flawsome.

According the Urban Dictionary, “flawsome” is defined as, “something that is totally awesome, but not without its flaws.” I am pretty sure this definition can be applied to most things in my life and I bet it is appropriate in your life as well.

I think we should get excited about our flawesomeness.

I believe we should celebrate just how trully flawsome we are.

I know we should learn to forgive and accept ourselves and those in our lives because we are all flawsome. Continue reading “Flawsome – Wise Words Wednesday”