May Positivity Challenge – Don’t Believe Everything You Think

May Positivity Challenge – Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Don't believe everything you think

Peter Pan is a story about never growing up and believing in the unbelievable. When I was a kid, my younger sisters had a VHS of Peter Pan starring Sandy Duncan. They loved that movie. We watched it A LOT, but the scene that sticks out most in my mind is the one where Tinkerbell’s light is going out and Peter Pan begs the audience to clap and cheer so that Tinkerbell would know they believed in her. Eventually, Tinkerbell’s light grew brighter; the music swelled and Peter Pan’s enthusiasm grew, knowing that darn good and well the kids at home JUST HAD to be clapping and cheering their little hearts out to bring Tink back.

Well, here’s the thing. Not everyone was cheering. (In my house we were not all cheering because we had seen the film 12,867 times.) Most were not cheering because they knew that Tinkerbell was just a light on the television screen and no amount of in-home enthusiasm was going to change that bulb’s brightness. The unbelievers chose not to support the idea that there was a fairy dying from unbelief of children.

Okay?!? Right now you are thinking, where is the positivity here? Why are you killing off Tinkerbell? Continue reading “May Positivity Challenge – Don’t Believe Everything You Think”

Flawsome – Wise Words Wednesday

Flawsome – Wise Words Wednesday


Pinterest is often my go-to for seeking inspirational quotes. Recently I pinned an image that said, “Flawsome (adj.): an individual who embraces their “flaws” and knows they’re awesome regardless.” (Source:

The term “flawsome” totally caught my attention so off to Google I ran. When I typed in “flawsome,” there were 212,000 results. That is A LOT of flawsome!

The Urban Dictionary was one of the first links to appear. A few entries down was Tyra Banks’ use of the word. Both the Urban Dictionary and Tyra Banks are much cooler than me, so my shared interest in this word was … well… flawsome.

According the Urban Dictionary, “flawsome” is defined as, “something that is totally awesome, but not without its flaws.” I am pretty sure this definition can be applied to most things in my life and I bet it is appropriate in your life as well.

I think we should get excited about our flawesomeness.

I believe we should celebrate just how trully flawsome we are.

I know we should learn to forgive and accept ourselves and those in our lives because we are all flawsome. Continue reading “Flawsome – Wise Words Wednesday”