April Showers – Refresh Your Outlook

April Showers – Refresh Your Outlook

The month of April is known for its dramatic weather patterns. Rain storms and showers are the norm and are needed to give the growing season a boost.

For spring athletes the rain can be problematic because it causes rain delays and game postponements. Farmers who need the precipitation are frustrated by rain (after a while) because they are hampered by the mud and muck that makes fields and pastures too soggy to plant or feed OR they are out-of-sorts because there is too little precipitation to kick-start their crops. Teachers wish the rain away because their students need time outdoors to burn some energy.

Today don’t wish away those springtime showers. If you are lucky enough to have a rainy day, be grateful for the nourishing and sustaining drops that fall around you. Enjoy the pitter patter on your roof or windows. Embrace the power of the lightening and thunder.

All of these things are miracles. We would not have those May flowers, if it were not for these April showers. Refresh your outlook and look forward to the rain and all it brings.

By: Melanie A. Peters


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