Batter Up! – First (Make change happen)

Batter Up! – First (Make change happen)

Lead Off Hitter.jpg

So excited to lead off, my son beat everyone onto the field.


The first batter of a team is called the lead-off hitter. At a recent game my son was awarded the honor of being the lead-off hitter. He was so excited; he beat EVERYONE onto the field.

This is a key position in the batting line-up because your team is counting on you to hit your way on base and get the game going on a good note.Being the lead-off hitter is a lot of pressure. You don’t want to start the game with an out.

In life we are offered chances to be the first to take on a task or start a movement. Do you embrace those opportunities, do you shy away from the chance, or are you empowered by the ability to start things off with change?

If you are not presented the lead-off spot, do you cheer on your teammates or those who step up to the plate before you? Are you ready to give them support for their efforts and rally them in losing situations?

Today my wish for everyone is that they would feel the same excitement and enthusiasm my son felt.

I hope that each person finds it in their hearts and minds to step up to the plate for a cause or opportunity that leads to positive change in our world. Be the lead-off player who brings it home for the underdogs or who bolsters your team with a hit to the heart of an unkind adversary. Take the lead. Make change.

By: Melanie A. Peters



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