Pretty Ugly Words – Wise Words Wendesday

Pretty Ugly Words – Wise Words Wednesday

Pretty Ugly Words

“Hey, those ugly words don’t match that pretty face,” I said to my daughter after she spoke meanly to her brother.

Her unkind treatment of her brother led me to be less than kind to her. Was this the parenting solution for a future Mom of the Year?

Probably not.

I stopped myself before adding another harsh comment and hugged both my kiddos and told them I loved them and it hurt me to see them being mean to one another. But do I do this every time they fight? No. I am human.

Too often I find myself thinking hurtful or vengeful thoughts when someone acts in a way that I don’t appreciate. This is not the answer. If I want my heart and face to be that of someone who is “pretty,” I need to work on a kinder thought process.

I think a lot of us could use a reminder of what it is to be “pretty.” Pretty kind. Pretty generous. Pretty compassionate. Pretty flexible. Pretty patient. Pretty reliable. Pretty fair.

Give your intent a pretty purpose and the energy you generate will be a beautiful thing.

By: Melanie A. Peters


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