Summit’s System for Success – Wise Words Wednesday

Summit’s System for Success – Wise Words Wednesday

Summits Success System

Pat Summit changed lives. Her headstrong, no non-sense way of facing life on and off the basketball court impacted more people than she could ever imagine.

Aside from being the winningest coach in NCAA Division I basketball history, Coach Summit brought attention to a sport that had long been overlooked and demonstrated what it was to be a strong female leader.

People respected Pat Summit and her methods. She brought about progress. That progress will continue beyond her time with us because of the lessons she taught. There was so much more to her than the competitiveness and dedication that she demonstrated. There was an understanding that anything worth doing is worth working for.

Take Pat’s advice today and make your goals something measurable. They can only become tangible, if we dedicate ourselves to the successes and failures we encounter. Work past simply writing them down. Make your words your actions. Make things happen.

Rest in peace, Coach Summit. Thank you for all you taught us.

By: Melanie A. Peters


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