A message about a man who knew what life was supposed to be about. Thank you, for sharing this story!

lets fly together to light,sky for love,freedom,peace

hey everyone , there are many famous people in the world that we know but there are some people who are rich from heart and i am talking about the guy who served his life for serving others , that man is ABDUL SITAR EDHI , born in 1928 in India who came to Pakistan after the division , this man died on 8 july 2016 cause of death is kidney failure , he is a man whose last words before dying    were

“take care of the poor of my country “,

 and many people came for his funeral including the general of Pakistan army and many VIP’s due which the road were blocked and poor people could not go but on the other day they again kept the funeral so the poor can go , you may be confused as who is this guy abdul sitar edhi made the edhi foundation in 1951  which he…

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