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Vegetables shared with us from our aunt and uncle. Potatoes provided by my father-in-law. Bananas and oranges from the grocery store.

We have an aunt and uncle who garden. By garden I don’t mean a few raised beds and a couple of hanging baskets on the front porch. I mean they GARDEN. Each year they plant four or five vegetable gardens.

They start the seeds in February or March in their home and then transplant them into the long, tilled rows of their various produce fields. They grow sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, lettuce, potatoes, zucchini, squash, peppers, and more. Their bounty flourishes with their generosity towards us.

As the summer months roll along, I often come home to find a pile of zucchini or corn inside the front door. Sometimes there will be a bucket of tomatoes or a bag of cucumbers on the front porch. We are SO blessed that they share their garden goodies with us!

To show our thanks, I often bake them zucchini bread or angel food cake (Uncle loves this.) Sometimes I will take them a turkey dish or just sent a thank you card. This is all they ever allow me to do in the form of payment for the awesome summer treats.

Summertime really does provide a feast for us (thanks to Aunt and Uncle’s labors and kindness).

It doesn’t always take a box of tomatoes or a bag of sweet corn for us to feast on the blessings our loved ones provide for us. People in our lives grace us with tremendous gifts each day. Take time to identify and realize the wonderful ways your life is enhanced because of the actions your friends and family make.

Take time today to thank someone in your life for the blessings they serve you. Say a prayer of thanksgiving for the opportunities provided to you by your parents or friends. Make plans to do something that shows your gratitude for someone you care about.

Put your energy into positively pursuing your intents of gratitude, and you will surely find yourself feasting on love and added blessings.

By: Melanie A. Peters



4 thoughts on “Feast

  1. wow home grown veggies would taste really great and that is nice of you to thank you to them yeah we should appreciate the kindness

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