Stand Tall (even when you’re drowning)

Stand Tall (even when you’re drowning)

Above water

When man-made lakes are formed, trees, fields, plains, and old homesteads are all covered with the collecting waters. What was once a forest or a small civilization becomes sights unseen. In spite of the hundreds of years put into growing those trees, we now only see a small tip of what made its way past the 30 or 50 or even 75 foot mark. The treetops are the only reminder of that tree’s grandeur for us.

Yes, there are still things we value in this tree. For example, tying your boat to the tree’s tallest boughs provides a successful spot for fishing, because now fish make their nests in its branches, instead of birds.We know that the roots still run deep, holding the foundation for the lake in place, and continuing to provide shelter for the animals that call the lake “home.”

The clusters of once mighty leaf-bearers are now skeletons reaching for the sky, proving they are still standing strong, leafless, broken, and drowning, but strong.

We can learn a lot from these trees.

png 1 Remember you, too, have put a lot of time and effort into becoming who you are; stand tall, even if you feel like you are being pulled down by the worries of life.

png 1 You have so much to offer, especially if you aren’t serving in a role you dreamed of or wanted. Sometimes the dream finds us.

png 1 While you may feel stripped of what you consider beautiful or valuable, you are being presented an opportunity to show your worth in new ways. You are completely capable of keeping your head above water and making your value known.

png 1 You are now a standing harbor with which others can find safety and draw upon your strength. You have braved the flood and continue to have a purpose in a new sea of possibilities. Be that place of security for yourself and others who happen to be washed away with troubles or worries. Stand tall, even when you feel like you are drowning.

The trees that continue to serve Truman Lake probably won’t ever see sun on their trunks again. And, they probably won’t ever be the leafy giants they were before the Ozark basin was filled creating the lake and it tributaries, but those trees, drowned as they may be, serve as a reminder that we must always stand tall and reach for the sky. There is always purpose and opportunity for us.

We simply can’t let the currents of life drag us down and carry us away.

Stand tall, even when you are drowning.

By: Melanie A. Peters



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