House Rules

House Rules

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Every home has its rules.

I purchased this set of lovely limitations from the bargain bin at Target. Each day I find myself creating new rules for my rowdy household. Rules like: Don’t put your feet on that, don’t put that in your mouth, we don’t use those kinds of words, NO you may not use knives. The list could go on and on.

The more I find myself repeating the mantras of motherhood; the more I believe them to be true. I really do want my kids to buckle up, keep their rooms clean, eat their vegetables, and keep their feet off the table. I really, really do believe that “Because I said so” is a reason for completing a task.

Often my husband and I discuss our fears about parenthood. Are we strict enough? Are we too strict? How does so-and-so deal with their child’s behavior? Whose side gave our kids their crazy habits? 🙂 I think all parents have these concerns and I believe that all families have to work their way through the perils of parenthood.

The best thing we can do for our kids is to establish expectations. If we set standards for behavior and communication, our children will grow into adults who value hard work, respect, and healthy relationships. We may feel like the meanest moms and dads in the world but in reality we are making the world a less “mean” place when we guide our sons and daughters to act and interact with appropriate behavior. Manners, pleasantries, common courtesies are all elements of civilization that must be upheld. If we don’t expect our children to demonstrate these basic behaviors, how can we expect society to reflect kindness and compassion for all?

Take time to establish your house rules. Take even more time to uphold them. If your kids see you stick to your guns, they will know it is important to you and that will make those rules important to them.

Put your energy into raising families that consider dedication and courtesy to be the standard. Demonstrate clear intent when it comes to showing your kids how others should be treated and how work should be completed. Giving positive feedback for appropriate behavior will only encourage children’s understanding for the importance of respect and reliability.

By: Melanie A. Peters




5 thoughts on “House Rules

  1. you know something you mothers are really annoying now do not get mad at me for saying that but i am saying from a kids point of view and what i mean by annoying is that you always keep nagging do this do not do this its like a constant alarm on the ring , its like we know what we are doing you would not like it but as you are not looking lets do it live freely as for our homes rules its like not to put mouth on bottle ,not to put dirty feet on my parents bed or any utensils on the bed not to come to bed with shoes not to put the pillow wrong way etc but when i am in my room its so much freedom lol freedom to make mess and not told to not make it your kids are small i think so yeah they have to follow all rules but when they become teens try to be understanding then so they will be happy then:)

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    1. Thank you for your perspective on house rules. I actually enjoy giving my kids freedom to make choices. The rules I was mainly referring to are the ones that keep them safe and teach them to respect others. I hope all kids and parents can appreciate kindness and consideration. 🙂

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      1. yeah kindness is good parents should teach that so that they grow and show kindness and love and by my rules i meant house cleaning rules 🙂

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