An Elephant Over Your Fence

An Elephant Over Your Fence


Q. “What time is it when an elephant jumps over your fence?”

A. “Time to get a new trampoline”

We love jokes and riddles at my house. Recently I wrote about elephant jokes, and when my daughter came home with this new one, I knew it was time to add another post about the benefits of jokes and riddles to Intentergy.

Riddles and jokes provide three things:

png 1 humor

png 1 imagination

png 1 problem solving skills

The humor found in silly jokes adds much-needed happiness to our stressful days. They provide us with innocent joy and make us laugh. Laughter is good for the heart and soul.

Q. “What type of dog can tell time?

A.”A watch dog”

The imagination stimulated by jokes helps us break away from the mundane and latch onto the light-hearted. I know you pictured a 2 ton elephant flying over a fence when I shared the first joke. (trunk and ears flapping, elephant cry bellowing, giant feet scampering for solid ground; flattened trampoline crunched sideways with its torn canvas; you have to smile now.)

Q. “What has to be broken before you can use it?”

A. “An egg”

No matter where they come from, problem solving skills are so necessary. Riddles usually require us to use unusual clues or think outside-the-box. This type of thinking is the equivalent of flexing our brain muscles. Those poor brain biceps need a good stretch every now and again. I encourage you to remember riddles from your childhood or find a challenging new riddle to share with your family. The fun in solving the riddle will hopefully lead to more riddle-sharing and hopefully spark some healthy conversation. You can’t say there is nothing to talk about when you provide fun prompts like a riddle or joke.

Q: “What goes up and doesn’t come back down?”

A: “Your age”

This week I challenge you to tell some jokes to your family or friends. Laugh together. Imagine together. Solve problems together. Your Intentergy can’t be anything but positive when you put the power of a laugh behind it.

Please comment with your favorite joke or riddle.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Q. What do you get when you cross a cocker spaniel, a rooster, and a poodle?
A. Cocka-poodle-doo


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