Tranquility on the Line

Everyone finds peace in different places and ways. They are a lot of folks who find calm in music, art, or creating things. Others are soothed through cooking, dancing, or conversation.

Many find solace in the casting of a line. My oldest son is one of these individuals. Often times he finds it hard to be agreeable or enjoy the experiences provided to him. (Much to the annoyance of Hubby and I.) Every once in a while he just needs to have some tranquility on his line. The casting of his chosen bait or lure into the water and the optimism of potentially catching the perfect fish brings joy and balance to his life.

I enjoy fishing as much as the next guy, but I think the most calming part of fishing comes from the quiet repetition of the sport. If it weren’t for the casting and reeling, while remaining still and quiet, fishing would be an obnoxious activity.

Yes, the ebb and flow of the stream, pond, or river do help, but the reliability of the action of sending and retrieving your line is one that definitely leads to a connection of calm.

While many of us are struggling with the stresses of change and the expectations of busy lifestyles, I encourage you to find a way to connect to your calm. Whether it be fishing, or baseball, or sewing, or singing, do what it takes to bring peace to your day. Find ways to connect with what grounds you and reel in the joy and comfort that your chosen pastime brings. Your happiness, sanity, and tranquility are on the line.

By Melanie A. Peters

P. S. If you ever need a fishing buddy, let me know I’ve got a good one to send your way.


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