Can’t Find It? Make it.

Resourcefulness is a trait I really admire in people.

Being able to say, “I made it myself,” is something that brings most of us tremendous joy.

When I was younger my mom sewed most of my clothes, and to this day I still get a kick out of telling admirers of something sewn just for me, “My mom made it.”

When shopping for back-to-school supplies, my daughter struggled to find folders that represented her interests or that were in a price range we could afford. I suggested that she could decorate her own, and that’s just what she did.

My sweet girl didn’t simply slop something down on the folder covers; she researched images and memes about her favorite things. She sketched ideas and shared them with me before putting her artistic skills to work. The folders weren’t quite finished the first day of school, but taking her time paid off, and my girl has some pretty terrific looking organizers for her school work now.

She put energy into creating something functional and that she was proud to use. Her resourcefulness allowed her to have just what she wanted. She couldn’t find it, so she made it.

Is there something you are seaching for in your life?

Is there something you could make yourself?

What about happiness? Peace? Opportunity? These are all elements of life that your intents can help create.

Intentergy is all about putting purpose into your actions. Finding ways to make the things you need or desire most definitely fills the Intentergy bill.

So get to it!

Focus on a challenge or change that you CAN turn into a success. If you can’t find a way that will work, make your own methods for moving forward and manufacture the goods that will get you where you need to be. If you can’t find it, make it.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Sometimes it’s a good idea to do research before you attempt to make something. Check out some Pinterest Fails for reassurance that you are not alone in your creative struggles and for a good laugh.

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