Shiny Wishes

For three years, I have said I was going to create a Vision Board in the new year. I vowed to decorate a board with my brightest wishes and most lustrous resolutions.

The first two years I failed to make my Vision Board.

2021 is the third year, and the year my Vision Board WILL BE made!

I have poster board, adhesive, decorations, and lists of ideas for my goals and what I want to see happen in the next year. So as to keep myself dedicated to the cause, I’ve enlisted my friends Andrea, Erin, and Jody to police my attempt. They, too, will be making their own 2021 Vision Boards. (Nothing like peer pressure to keep a project on track.)

Being a Pinterest fan, I shared a number of idea pins with my gal pals organizing Vision Boards, but it was my friend Erin who came up with the coolest idea. She suggested that we add a vision or positive idea to each other’s boards for 2021. Wow! Nothing says, “May you shine!” like putting a positive prediction on display in support of another person.

Not only are they going to create tangible-goals setting displays, but these boards are going to provide some substantial reminders that we have people supporting and projecting good vibes directly at us. Wishes for our good fortune shine the brightest. I am so excited to share positive projections for my friends! These exhibits of ambition emulate everything that is awesome in new beginnings. We will have visual reminders of what we want, need, and hope for moving into a new year.

I know lots of folks are feeling apprehensive about 2021.

I am not going to claim 2021 as MY year, but I am going to jump on the New Year = New Beginning Bandwagon and broadcast my goals and resolutions on my Vision Board. I encourage you to do the same. Find a way to document or express your excitement for the new year and establish your objectives with positive purpose and determination. Wrangle your friends and family into the process. Allow them to help motivate and maintain your dedication to your goals. Be a solid supporter for the resolutions of others. Make your wishes and theirs shine brightly by having their backs and boosting yourself to be the best you can in the coming year. I hope 2021 will be full of blessings and adventures for you and may you and your successes shine brightly all through the year!

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I’m excited but nervous about the visions my friends have for me. Stay tuned for Vision Board reveal next week!

P.P.S. Hubby says I need to explain what a Vision Board is.
Vision Board: (n.) a poster or collage display created with personal, professional, financial, health, and relationship goals; goals depicted or described to serve as motivation while one works to reach the exhibited objectives (Peters, 2020).


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