Melanie A. Peters in the Spotlight

I am so excited and honored to be in the Spotlight for the June #BlogBattle! There are some seriously talented writers on this forum. It’s a treat to be in their community.
– Melanie A. Peters


Welcome to this year’s fun spotlight introduction of Blog Battlers!

Every month we’re shining the light on a participant.

Welcome, Melanie A. Peters!

How long have you been a writer?5 years
3 random facts about you!I love college basketball.

I live on a turkey farm.

Gary is one of my first blogging friends.

What genre(s) do you write?Lifestyle/Positivity Blogging
What is your favorite BB story/entry you’ve written? What is the URL?
Have you published any books? Self/Indie published? Traditional? Hybrid?Not yet
If you have published books, where can people go to buy your books?Not yet
Do you plan to publish? If so, self/indie, traditional or both/hybrid?Yes, both
Who or what inspired you to start a blog and share your writing?I was coping with the decision to walk away from teaching fulltime so as to be able to meet…

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