Versatile Blogger Award – February 2017

Versatile Blogger Award – February 2017


“Life is about being a versatile athlete and training in all realms of life.”  -Ray Lewis

Upon receiving my nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award from The Wandress, author of “wandering in my Genes,” I was exceptionally honored. Her young blog on life and works of literature is sweet, sincere, and uplifting. To be considered “Versatile” by someone who has created such a fluid work of blog art is really a treat for me. Thank you!

The Versatile Blogger Award is an honor that also serves as a pay-it-forward approach to blogging. When this award is given, the recipient is to share 7 facts about his or her self (hopefully enlightening their readers as to why they have been deemed “Versatile”), thank the individual who nominated them, and then nominate 15 other bloggers that are also worthy of the honor.

As for my 7 Versatile Blogger Facts:

  1. I try to write a little every day. It is a proven practice for honing and strengthening one’s writing voice and skill. (I still need A LOT of practice.)
  2. Receiving “likes” and comments on my blog posts is the equivalent to winning the lottery. Anytime I receive a notification that a post has been liked, shared, or commented on, my heart does a happy little cartwheel.
  3. My children always want to be a part of  my blog writing process but sometimes I am leery of including them. While I am comfortable exposing my own thoughts and fears, I am not always comfortable sharing details about my precious children. I guess I am just an overprotective mom.
  4. I have the most amazing collection of friends. They are all so different and lead such varying lives that I feel blessed to be a tie that binds them.
  5. I plan my meals a month at a time. I print a blank calendar at the beginning of each month, look through my pantry and freezer, plan our suppers, and then make my grocery lists from the monthly menu. It is one of my attempts to control the chaos of my life. It also saves money on groceries.
  6. My favorite color is blue. I LOVE the color blue.
  7. I don’t like to wash windows. I will sweep, do dishes, laundry, and vacuum my heart out, but I don’t like to wash windows. I plan to write about this in my spring cleaning posts.


Now to my nominations of other bloggers.

I follow a number of bloggers that I believe are tremendously versatile. Here are a few. Please check out their work.

  1. Meli author of
  2. vinaytheblogger author of
  3. Life in the Leslie Lane
  4. An Epic of Epic Epicness
  5. K. Lamb author of The Gentlemen Project
  6. Whitney Edna ibe author of
  7. Bev author of
  8. Steve Cauley author of
  9. Natalie author of
  10. Dawn Liz Jones author of

By: Melanie A. Peters (2 time Versatile Blogger Award recipient)

P.S. Be sure to award someone with a compliment or statement of gratitude for what they bring to your life.



An Elephant on Your Fence and other Elephantine Problems

An Elephant on Your Fence and other Elephantine Problems

Q: What time is it when an elephant sits on your fence?


Photo credit:

A: Time to get a new fence

This is a popular joke at my house that actually teaches a terrific lesson.

The biggest problems can sometimes have the simplest solutions.

Yes, those solutions may take a lot of time and effort, but they are simple none-the-less.

If you are facing a big problem, try to look at the big picture and find what it will take to alleviate the issue. What do you have to do to get rid of the problem?

There is not a problem we can’t solve one way or another. Okay, I know you are thinking, “What about world hunger, or war, or racism?”

Well, this brings me to my second elephantine problem. Continue reading “An Elephant on Your Fence and other Elephantine Problems”

Feed the Machine and other Voluntary Acts

Feed the Machine and other Voluntary Acts via Daily Prompt: Volunteer

feed the machine.jpg

Seriously, how long does it take to put paper in a copier? How hard is it to hold open a door for someone? Does picking up a piece of trash cost you anything but calories?

This may seem like a sassy start for an Intentergy post, but I was really just trying to grab your attention on this fine Tuesday morning.

The fuel, behind my intent-powered program, is energy that burns because of kindness and consideration. Voluntary acts of kindness should not always be random or rare. They should be intentional and blatant. Let others know you care enough to do nice things for them and your surroundings.

As often as possible, I make it to the workroom on my plan time and feed the copy machine. Why? Because it stinks when you are running copies right before class and the dumb machine is starving. When people see me feeding the machine, they usually join me and help unwrap the reams. We share conversation and an intentional act of kindness. It is a very fulfilling act (not just for the poor, hungry copier).

Make these intentional acts frequently. Your frequency of kindness will result in greater consideration from those around you and that leads to even more intentional kindness and before we know it, people could actually have a good day. Smiles might actually appear without provocation. Thoughtful actions might occur without having to think about them. Who knows, maybe we might get a little bit closer to that whole world peace thing and start to put an end to starvation (not just the kind that happens to copiers).

Put your energy and intent into committing acts of charity and compassion and you will never starve for kindness or consideration. You will be filled with love and gratitude and that is what having Intentergy is all about.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. This post was not intended to make you hungry, but if it did, be sure to share your snack with someone. It will taste even better.

No Open Doors for Old Ways – Wise Words Wednesday

No Open Doors for Old Ways – Wise Words Wednesday

Old Ways and New Doors.png

While change is the only constant thing in our lives, we often find changing ourselves to be one of the hardest.

Consider what aspect or element of your life could use a new approach. Open your heart and mind to the possibilities change could bring.

If a problem area for you is spending too much, slow down your cash flow and open a new savings plan.

If gossip is your go-to vice, find ways to redirect your focus. Find pleasure in the gifts of daily life in place of the downfall or tragedy of others. Open your conversation to positive and insightful messages instead of rumors or “he said/she said.”

If you need to find a healthier lifestyle, start small and work your way to a new you. Maybe just drink more water and less soda or save the change that you would normally put into a vending machine and deposit it into a savings account or the basket at church on Sunday every week.

Find a way to become the you that you are glad to have come through the door.

By: Melanie A. Peters


Tune into Peace – Wise Words Wednesday

Tune into Peace – Wise Words Wednesday

A Channel of Peace.png

Most people only think of television or the radio when it comes to channels. Way before tv took over our mindscape, channels meant a way to guide or divert things like water or attention.

“Prayer of St. Francis” has long been one of my favorite church hymns but lately it has had a much more powerful meaning. There seems to be so much hurt and hatred in our world caused by the sensitivity we have created amongst ourselves. We need to redirect our emotions and energy toward creating peace.

No two people were made the same. (Thank goodness!) We need to embrace the things that make us different and let go of the things that we believe divide us. This isn’t about race, gender, or religion. It’s about love.

Too many believe that they cannot love or be loved by certain groups. Those kinds of ideas must be derailed and their love and thoughts must be channeled by means of peace.

Please continue to direct your energy and intents to ending unrest and hurt. Bring unity and coexistence to daily routines. Tune out the ideas that only violence and revenge can end the disparities. Let peace be the channel by which we find love for everyone and let injuries find healing through our actions and words.

By: Melanie A. Peters

April’s Positivity Challenge

April’s Positivity Challenge is to commit one kind act a day.

April 2016 image

Check out the Monthly Positivity Challenge tab on the Intentergy Home Page any time this month or the list of ideas below. Try to spread the wealth of positivity and charity today!

The first 36 ideas can be done anonymously. Giving anonymously is giving greatly. Give it a try.

  1. Fill the paper trays of the copies or printers at work
  2. Leave change in a vending machine, car wash, or laundry mat for the next person to find
  3. Post smiley face sticky-note somewhere to brighten the day of someone who comes across it
  4. Pick up trash around your office, a parking lot, park, or school
  5. Find pictures of neighborhood kids or co-workers in the local newspaper from the sports or community accomplishments sections. Cut out the clips and send them to them so they can see themselves in print.
  6. Buy a bunch of flowers at the supermarket and pass them out to strangers
  7. Leave a nice note with your tip for a server or service person
  8. Donate old toys, clothes, or blankets to local preschool
  9. Donate old clothes or homegoods to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or any other organization that sells good to fund their work
  10. Leave a waterbottle or soda for a co-worker or classmate to refresh their day
  11. Take part in community clean-up
  12. Leave change in collection jars at check outs to benefit local charities
  13. Pick up trays/plates in lunchroom or restaurant
  14. Rehang or shelve fallen items at store
  15. Leave a scratch off ticket or fortune cookie for someone (You just might bring them some needed luck)
  16. Leave a funny bookmark in a book at the library or in the magazine at the doctor office
  17. Donate items to food bank collections at grocery store
  18. Pick up fallen sticks from neighbor’s yards or the park
  19. Make chew toys out of old t-shirts and donate them to the local animal shelter
  20. Participate in a charity 5K or Color Run
  21. Donate blood or platelets at a Red Cross blood drive
  22. Donate clean, plastic grocery bags to daycares or churches for their picnics (These are so helpful for daycare dirty clothes and carry-outs at church meals.)
  23. Carry groceries, books, or boxes to a car or inside for someone
  24. Push carts into cart corrals or into the store
  25. Be generous with chocolate. Pass out chocolate hugs and/or kisses
  26. Hold doors open for others
  27. Write letters or donate to care package collections for soldiers
  28. Compliment a parent in a restaurant or store on their children (Parents need this!)
  29. Give a recommendation for a person or business. Word of mouth recommendations are the best support someone or a business can get.
  30. Let someone in during busy traffic
  31. In a crowded situation, give an elderly person or a parent with small children have your seat
  32. Leave a positive comment card when you receive good service
  33. Leave fresh crayons or coloring pages at the doctor office or in a waiting area
  34. Save and donate box tops, soup labels, soda tabs for local schools
  35. Leave money-saving coupons on items in the grocery store
  36. Request a happy song on the radio. This could improve the day of A LOT of people
  37. Take out the trash or empty the dishwasher
  38. Pull garden weeds or help spread mulch on flower beds
  39. Take time to color with a little kid
  40. Clean out or wash the car of a loved one
  41. Volunteer in a classroom, library, hospital, or food pantry
  42. Let someone you love pick what you watch on tv today
  43. Visit a nursing home or homebound individuals
  44. Send thank you cards
  45. Compliment 10 people today
  46. Greet and talk to support staff members that usually go unnoticed (i.e. janitor, cafeteria worker, secretary, lawn staff, delivery person)
  47. Post a positive message on your social media or through a text message
  48. Go to a game, concert, or performance to support a friend or loved one
  49. Leave your phone off during meals or family time
  50. Buy from a kid who is participating in a fundraiser (i.e. buy raffle tickets, popcorn, cookies, candy, candle, calendars, etc.)
  51. Participate in dress up days or carry-in meals at your work or school (This shows support for those who work hard to organize these events.)
  52. Adopt individuals in third-world countries through programs such as UNICEF and Unbound
  53. Share a pack of gum or mints with co-workers and classmates
  54. Write a letter of recommendation for someone
  55. Use your talents to help your church, school, or community. Sing, build, draw, sell, write, or organize in ways that will help

By: Melanie A. Peters