Fireworks Time…

Fireworks Time

I don’t know about you, but it seems like as soon as 4th of July hits, the year speeds up. It’s like the fireworks fuel the sun’s rotations to rev up its turns. My kids seem to grow faster. The school year speeds at me. Even Christmas seems to come closer at a much more rapid pace.

What can we do about it though? Continue reading “Fireworks Time…”

Greatest Prison = What Others Think

Greatest Prison = What Others Think: Wise Words Wednesday


As I have begun my holiday shopping, my concern for the reactions of others has grown to its typical holiday height. Way too big!

Gifts are to be given out of love, not out of fear for what the recipient will say when they receive it. Similarly, our actions should be done out of love, not because of what others will think.

Who cares what others are thinking? Most of the time our fears are nowhere near what is on the minds of those we worry about anyway.

Don’t imprison yourself with fear.

Don’t hold back in your giving because of your insecurities.

Now I can’t guarantee that all gift recipients will receive with joy, or whatever reaction you are expecting, but I can guarantee that giving with an open heart will open your life to tremendous charity and gratitude.

Set yourself free from concerns about the opinions of others. Release yourself from worries about the words and thoughts of others. Liberate your love by giving without reservations and acting without self-doubt.

Who cares what others think? Love enough to share with them anyway.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Giving gifts is a great way to show you care. Giving without reservations is a great way to show you love.

Carefree? When the Angels Let Loose

Carefree? When the Angels Let Loose

Rain (44).JPG

When I was a little girl, we were told that rain was the result of the angels crying. This idea always made me sad because I thought heaven was supposed to be a place where everyone was carefree and happy all the time.

In my innocent mind, the angels just had to be carefree.

As I got older, I started to believe that those angel tears had to be caused by more than sadness.

Those drops fall because the angels feel compassion or understanding for the earth below and know that the world needs to be refreshed or washed of the sorrows mankind has brought on itself.

Angel tears are sent to free us from our cares. They are to remind us that Heaven knows what is going on in our lives and that our hurt and sins can be washed away. Our souls can soak up all we need to live and love. Continue reading “Carefree? When the Angels Let Loose”