Hang In There!

Hang In There!

Hang in There 17

Last week my son, who is in kindergarten, was not wanting to go to school. He sulked the whole way. As we pulled into the school parking lot, I said, “Cheer up, buddy, you only have like 9 more weeks until summer.”

The transformation of his attitude was too great to express in words. The smile that crept onto his face was radiant, and he said with tremendous hope, “And then I will be a 1st grader?”

Who knew the potential of being a 1st grader was the motivation he needed to hang tough that day? I thought the promise of sleeping in, baseball, and summer vacation would get him going. (Silly mama!) The things that motivate are as unique as each individual in any situation.

Spring is a season of excitement and new beginnings but the hints of those new beginning can really challenge us. We feel the effects of spring fever and it makes it hard to stay focused and hang in there.

At a recent get-together with some of my friends (most of whom are teachers), all shared their end-of-school countdowns. Each one knew exactly how many days were left. (Teachers are just as excited as students for summer.) That number, the exact number of days left in school, was something that brought smiles to each of their faces.

I am never motivated by the number of days remaining. I am motivated by the lessons I have

Bring on the rain (1).JPG

A storm rolling in

left to teach. I know exactly what I want to teach before the end of the year and I keep those goals in the forefront of my focus. Again, the things that motivate us are as unique as we are.

As we hang tough with spring, we have to keep in mind the different motivations and stressors of those around us. The blooming ambitions of students, co-workers, family, and friends sprout anxieties and issues that storm through relationships. It can be tough to hang with the winds of change and stress, but it can be done.

Hang in there! Keep your focus on productive goals and grace in your words. Patience and understanding will prevail with a sunny disposition. Add positive intent and determined energy and fair days will flourish.

By: Melanie A. Peters

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Batter Up! – First (Make change happen)

Batter Up! – First (Make change happen)

Lead Off Hitter.jpg

So excited to lead off, my son beat everyone onto the field.


The first batter of a team is called the lead-off hitter. At a recent game my son was awarded the honor of being the lead-off hitter. He was so excited; he beat EVERYONE onto the field.

This is a key position in the batting line-up because your team is counting on you to hit your way on base and get the game going on a good note.Being the lead-off hitter is a lot of pressure. You don’t want to start the game with an out.

In life we are offered chances to be the first to take on a task or start a movement. Do you embrace those opportunities, do you shy away from the chance, or are you empowered by the ability to start things off with change?

If you are not presented the lead-off spot, do you cheer on your teammates or those who step up to the plate before you? Are you ready to give them support for their efforts and rally them in losing situations?

Today my wish for everyone is that they would feel the same excitement and enthusiasm my son felt.

I hope that each person finds it in their hearts and minds to step up to the plate for a cause or opportunity that leads to positive change in our world. Be the lead-off player who brings it home for the underdogs or who bolsters your team with a hit to the heart of an unkind adversary. Take the lead. Make change.

By: Melanie A. Peters