Shallow Happiness

Shallow Happiness

That whole put-on-a-smile all day, every day thing is exhausting.

There are plenty of days when I feel like my smiles are used up before I even get out of bed.

Earlier this week, I channeled my inner Dolly Parton  when someone asked my how I can stay so positive when people can be such jerks sometimes.

All I could do was quote Dolly, “I’m not happy all the time, and I wouldn’t want to be because that would make me a shallow person. But I do try to find the good in everybody.”

I’m not gonna lie. This week was a doozy. We lost a good friend to an automobile accident, learned the illness of another friend had progressed for the worse, and that we will lose our sweet uncle very soon. Students gave pitiful excuses. My children couldn’t seem to get along at all. It was a doozy.

Before I had to channel Dolly’s words of wisdom, I really was in a funk. A coworker called me out on it and so I dropped the shallow happiness quote on them.

We can’t be happy all the time.

We don’t like everyone all the time.

It is darn near impossible to find the silver lining all the time, but it is always possible to turn things around by finding one good thing in ourselves or those surrounding us. Continue reading “Shallow Happiness”

Happiness is an Inside Job – Wise Words Wednesday

Happiness is an Inside Job – Wise Words Wednesday


The more I teach, write, pray, and live, the more I realize that happiness really does come from within. Perspective anchors everything. When we face the daily encounters of life, our perspective magnifies our happiness or sadness.

It is easy for me to write, “Oh, let’s all be happy all the time.” Is is not so easy to physically do so. That’s ok.

We are only human. We have emotions. We have guilt. We have hurt. We have anger. We have confusion. We have imperfections. We also have perspective that comes from within ourselves.

While you may have some negative aspects to your day, take a moment to refocus your perspective. Direct your energy to a brighter, more grateful outlook. Channeling your perspective to the thankful and appreciative light will enhance the joy you feel in your life. Allowing the good to shine in your perspective will strengthen the happiness in your heart. Continue reading “Happiness is an Inside Job – Wise Words Wednesday”