Don’t Get Stuck in Doubt


Some mornings it takes a little bit of extra coffee and sunshine to get my confidence going. Other mornings it takes an army of awesomeness to prove I can handle whatever the day has in store. Most mornings my mojo is inspired by the fact that I have to get my minions moving and on the bus.

Last week I ambitiously tried to open a new bottle of vitamins. The vitamins were recommended by my friend Emily and I was excited to see if they would help boost energy and assist in keeping focus as my exhausted brain faced another week of grading, parenting, and farming.

The problem was the cotton was stuck. I did not have the mental or physical dexterity to remove the stupid cotton ball from the bottle. As the sun had not risen yet and my coffee had not brewed, I was not sure I had the capacity to get to those vitamins. I was stuck in in my self-doubt (and cotton). In fact, I was so stuck; I video recorded myself trying to get the dumb old cotton out of the bottle.

With just a bit of persistence (and a fork), I was able to free the cottong and try out my new vitamins. 

CottonIn seeking a boost from my new vitamins, I was able to have a good laugh at myself and, in spite of my foggy brain, fix my problem. You can do this too.

When the cotton balls and conundrums of life trip you up, don’t get stuck in doubt. Find motivation and pride in your perseverance.

Take advantage of the tools available to you, solve your situations with simple solutions, and celebrate big when you are no longer stuck.

Doubt has a way of digging in. When we don’t believe we can get past a problem, we lose footing and fall for failure. Don’t let doubt win. Stick to your guns, not your doubt, and you can free yourself from almost any fiasco.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I think the vitamins are helping. I just have to remember to take them each morning.

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