A Running Break


As I was climbing my way over a mountain of spring semester grading and working through the week’s to-do’s, I started to ache.

My back, my neck, my legs, my arms, my hands, and my head; they all were aching. My temper was short and my attention span even shorter.

I knew I had to find a way to stop the hurting and manage my moodiness.

So I ran away…

I changed into running shoes and comfy clothes. I stretched my sore arms, twisted my tight back, loosened up my lagging legs, and took a running break.

My run was only five minutes but, boy, did help me endure the rest of my evening. After my running break, I shot a few hoops with my 7 year-old, read a new book to the 5 year-old, and played fetch with my favorite pooch. It was the best running break a girl could ask for.

It is better to take a break than to let yourself break down.

If you find yourself running out of interest, enthusiasm, or zeal for a task that absolutely must be done, zip outside and take a brisk walk, put that clothes rack (also known as a treadmill) to work, or lift your spirits with some deep breathing and stretches. Don’t really run away from your job, but allow yourself enough room to race back to a positive pace and exert enough energy to find yourself at the finish line of that tough task.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I love alliteration almost as much as I love running.

P.P.S. I really love running.


2 thoughts on “A Running Break

  1. Solid advice. I tell my eldest son, raging at a problem won’t solve it. Stepping away for an hour might. Anything that works up a frenzy is unlikely to resolve the tempest. Cease creating cantankerous angst. (Well you did say you liked alliteration!) hope alls well Melanie x

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