Spring Stresses Me Out



When I sat down to write, I knew I only had 15 minutes and about a thousand ideas for today’s post. What I didn’t know what would come of those limited minutes and limitless thoughts.

Here it is.

Spring stresses me out.

Each quiet moment I find tears hiding behind my eye lids. My mind is anything but silent. The days constantly hum with demands, to-do lists, and the tings and pings of technology. My muscles are exhausted. My feet do not want to move. My brain seems to be on whatever fertilizer the farmers are spreading on their fields.

signs of spring (1)While each season has its ebb and flow, I always feel like spring is the craziest. The sunshine and breezes entice me outside, but the labor of pulling weeds and putting away delinquent Christmas decorations remind me that caring for our home is a never-ending task.

As the baseball schedules are made, vacation plans penned, and wardrobes are rotated from sweatshirts to shorts, I can’t help but feel completely wiped out.

What is it about spring that is so exhausting?

Spring is a time for planting, growing, new beginnings, and some seriously serious stress. The school year’s end is looming and, while summer is so nice, the tests, papers, and traditions that simply MUST be upheld make the last months more demanding than most. Spring stresses me out.

As the days get longer, some how I feel compelled to fit in more tasks. Why? I want to start running again and am eager to begin the ritual of playing catch with my children each afternoon, but how am I supposed to fit in more when there is still homework to do and papers to grade?

I guess I should take a hint from the bright green sprouts that are making their way into the sunlight. I need to get my head out of the dark.

There are many things I can do to slough off the stress of spring. First, I can enjoy the added sunshine each day. Second, I can say continued prayers of thanksgiving for all the opportunities that pop up. Third, I can say, “No.” to some of those opportunities. Just because the sun is shining on a situation, does not mean I have to accept that challenge. Finally, I need to remind myself there are only 24 hours in the day and I am only one woman. I don’t have to do everything in a day. I have all spring to clean up my schedule.

I hope you find that spring blooms with new opportunities and peace. If the stress of spring is buzzing around you, don’t let the noise drown out the song of the newly returned robins. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be done all at once, after all that clutter took time to grow that big. No matter the weather you can let some sunshine perk you up or the steady strum of rain on the roof calm you down. Let the new life and blossoming change be energy for your positive attitude and put hopeful intents into your projects and planning.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I didn’t touch the topic of the stress the upcoming swimsuit season brings. I don’t want to go there!






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