Make Things Go Right – Wise Words Wednesday

My spring anxiety has been full throttle lately, and after a super duper coffee date with my gal pal Erin, I don’t think I’m alone. She shared own version of the springtime stress out with me. Erin said she has also been feeling weighed down by a lot of stuff that she can’t control. We both were experiencing some crazy symptoms of stress. Have you been feel extra anxious or has your heart been beating faster lately or sleep been elusive?

If you answered, “yes,” to any of those, today’s post is for you.

“Being afraid of things going wrong isn’t the way to make things go right.”

Five months ago, you may remember that an election was held in our country. Prior to the election, tempers were flared and fear was prevalent in every aspect of our lives thanks to media coverage and unprecedented exposure to the candidates and their opinions. Unfortunately, the political circus left us all feeling like there were only two extreme options for leading our nation. Those drastic options caused most of us to believe, no matter who was elected, we would not be represented in the highest offices of our government. The new leadership has taken its place and the fears and uncertainty have morphed in new ways.

Here’s the beauty of todays’ message. We can’t let worry over what is going to go wrong consume us, because we can’t necessarily change the what-if’s. We can do our best to serve our nation in ways that are honest, right, and diligent. The concerns that we had before the election are things of the past, and we have the power now to move forward with our actions and intents. We have to elect to be rational, respectful, and responsible citizens and let those same attributes preside over our attitudes.

As the season is changing, so too should our outlook and the way we handle stresse caused by things out of our control.

“Being afraid of things going wrong isn’t the way to make things go right.”

Don’t let fear be the emotion that drives you. It won’t take you any farther or faster than being positive or hopeful. You can’t make things go right with fear. You can barely move forward with fear.

Think about the steps you take when you are afraid. They are not comfortable, confident, or very progressive. They are limited, tense, and unsteady. How are you going to get past the things you can’t control, if you don’t take control?

You are super, but you do not have superhuman powers, and you can’t fix everything. Accepting this is the first step to making things as right as possible. Breathe.

You can fix small situations in your life and make your community better by serving in positive and productive ways. By shutting yourself off or refusing to be active, you are essentially electing to let others take control of what goes on around you and that often leads to greater disconnect and lack of worth.

To combat my severe spring stress outs, I have dedicated time to taking deep breaths, talking out my stressors with friends, and allowing myself quiet time for prayer. Setting my sanity as a priority has led to greater calm and productivity. I know it will do the same for you. Don’t let fear make you feel left out or without control. Go right with focus, faith, and hope. If you take a wrong turn, that’s okay. You’ve got what it takes to get back on track and spring into action that is awesome.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Coffee with a gal pal can also lead to lots of laughter. Laughter is a terrific cure for any stressors that ail you.


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